New Introduction to Growth & Development
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1. An idea that is built more on shared perceptions of social order than on objective reality.
2. A hybrid research method in which researchers first study several groups of people of different ages & then follow those groups over the years.
3. A research method in which one individual is studied intensively.
4. A specific prediction that is stated in such a way that it can be tested & either confirmed or refuted.
5. An indicator of a personís social & economic standing.

6. A characteristic of development that indicates that individuals change throughout the life span.
7. A group of people that travel through life together.
8. The idea that a small action or event may set off a series of changes that culminate in a major event.
9. A set of moral principles that is formally adopted by a group.
10. A number indicating the degree of relationship between two variables.

Robert C. Gates