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   "Insight learning occurs when a new behavior is learned through cognitive processes rather than through interactions with the outside world.

   Insight learning does not involve gradual shaping or trial and error. Instead, internal organizational processes occur that cause new behavior.

   Wolfgang Kohler's most famous study on insight learning (1925) involved Sultan the chimpanzee, who, Kohler argued, used insight to learn a creative way of attaining fruit that was out of reach.

   Contrary to strict theories of behaviorism, insight learning suggests that we learn not only by conditioning, but also by cognitive processes that cannot be directly observed.

   In humans, insight learning occurs whenever the solution to a problem suddenly appears, even if previously no progress was being made.

   Insight should not be confused with heuristics. An insight is realizing a new behavior to solve a problem, while a heuristic is a mental shortcut to help process a large amount of information."

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