Practice test for Sexuality and Gender.

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1. Primary sex characteristics? 

•  include the development of pubic and ancillary hair. 
 •  always begin their development during puberty. 
  •  are typically the same for males and females. 
   •  are directly involved in human reproduction. 
2.  Julie’s father became upset because she prefers to play with trucks instead of dolls. 
He told her, “Girls aren’t supposed to play with trucks.” This is a good example of 

•  gender stereotype.  
 •  benevolent sexism. 
  •  gender identity. 
   •  sexism. 
    •  gender typing.
3. According to gender schema theory, gender development occurs by 

•  observing and imitating the behavior of same sex parents. 
 •  developing mental concepts of men and women over time and using these 
     concepts to distinguish between the sexes. 
  •  learning gender roles through reinforcement and punishment. 
   •  exposure to male and female hormones during the fetal period. 
    •  differences in brain activity between boys and girls. 
4. What is the average age in the United States that menarche typically begins? 

•  10 
 •  12 
  •  13 
   •  14

5. If the gonads within the embryo produce testosterone because of the presence of a Y 
gene on the sex chromosome, then the __________ will develop and the __________ 
will deteriorate. 

•  Mullerian ducts; Wolffian ducts 
 •  Wolffian ducts; Mullerian ducts 
  •  ovaries; testes 
   •  testes; ovaries

6. An intersexed person is 

•  a person who has sex with both men and women. 
 •  another name for homosexual. 
  •  a person born with ambiguous sexual organs. 
   •  another name for heterosexual.

7. Anriika's mother wants her daughter to grow up to become a mother of a large family. 
Such an expectation for Annika might be seen as an example of her

•  gender role. 
 •  gender typing. 
  •  gender identity. 
   •  gender constancy.
8. Darla shares with a close friend that she often feels a strong desire to be another gender 
an that it bothers her so much that she is having problems at work and in her social life. 
What is the term used to describe her? 

•  a hermaphrodite 
 •  transsexual 
  •  intersexed 
   •  gender dsyphoria

9. In social learning theory, gender identity results 

•  when a child learns that they are either a "girl" or a "boy." 
 •  from observation and imitation. 
  •  from biological changes that occurred before birth. 
   •  from unconscious forces.

10. Jennifer's aunt tries to explain that running around with boys on the playground isn't 
"ladylike." Such a statement could be an example of

•  androgyny. 
 •  gender typing. 
  •  role development. 
   •  gender stereotyping.
11. Plateau occurs in 

•  phase 1. 
 •  phase 2. 
  •  phase 3. 
   •  phase 4.

12. The refractory period is a time during which

•  a women cannot have another orgasm. 
 •  a man cannot have another orgasm. 
  •  a man can be erect but not have an orgasm.
   •  a woman cannot be aroused.

13. Which of the following studies was the most controversial for its method of 
gathering information? 

•  the Kinsey report 
 •  the Janus report 
  •  Masters and Johnson's study 
   •  Savic's research in sexual orientation
14. The Kinsey report indicates that more than __________ as many men had 
intercourse by age 16 than did women. 

•  twice 
 •  four times 
  •  ten times 
   •  three times
15. Parental Investment theory seeks to explain 

•  why men have sex more often than women. 
 •  why women are sexually attracted to men. 
  •  why couples meet and remain together. 
   •  why sexual activity diminishes in seniors.
16. Research on the epi-mark offer a __________ explanation to the existence 
of homosexuality.

•  genetic 
 •  psychological 
  •  social 
   •  behavioral

17. The idea that homosexuality evolved as a way to aid the continuation of 
the homosexual person's genes through the nurturance of other family members, 
such as nieces and nephews, is called the __________ hypothesis. 

•  family support 
 •  kin selection 
  •  sexual support 
   •  kin evolutionary
18. Sexual dysfunctions and problems can be causes by 

•  organic factors. 
 •  organic and sociocultural factors. 
  •  organic, psychological, and sociocultural factors. 
   •  hereditary factors primarily.

19. Which of the following sexually transmitted infections can ultimately affect the brain? 

•  genital herpes 
 •  Chlamydia 
  •  syphilis 
   •  gonorrhea
20. Brandon has a couple of painful sores on his penis and experiences severe itching 
and burning in the surrounding area. Brandon probably has 

•  genital herpes. 
 •  chlamydia. 
  •  syphilis. 
   •  gonorrhea.

21. Which of the following is a way in which HIV can be transmitted? 

•  though exposure to contaminated blood or other body fluids containing 
    contraindicated blood 
 •  by sharing beverages with someone who is HIV positive 
  •  by making contact with the tears of an HIV patient 
   •  through hand holding, especially if the person with HIV is perspiring

22. Alicia is horrified to hear that her date from last night carries the human 
immunodeficiency virus. While they did not engage in sex, they did share a quick
kiss at the end of the evening, hastened by her phone ringing in her apartment. 
Besides discussing her concerns with her date should they go out again, what 
precautions should Alicia take?

•  She should see her doctor immediately, since kissing can cause the spread of HIV. 
 •  She should see her doctor only if she begins to have symptoms. 
  •  She should try to clam down, since stress helps transmit HIV. 
   •  She should try not to worry, since kissing has not been proven to be a successful 
       way to transmit HIV, and follow-up with her doctor or heath-care provider if she 
        has any concerns or questions.

23. All of the following are false about androgynous people EXCEPT that 

•  they are less flexible in their everyday behaviors and career choices. 
 •  they are more susceptible to depression. 
  •  they fall into traditional stereotypical roles. 
   •  They usually make decisions based on the situation, regardless of gender. 
    •  they show extremes in a variety of characteristics, (e.g., either assertive 
        and independent, or nurturing and sensitive).

24. Gender differences in cognitive and social skills suggest which of the following? 

•  Men score higher in verbal ability than women. 
 •  Women score higher in mathematical ability than men. 
  •  Men are more responsive to the emotional tone of speech. 
   •  Women are more likely to interrupt one another during conversation and 
       attempt to dominate the conversation. 
    •  Women score higher in verbal abilities than men.

25. Which of the following is the shortest stage of the sexual response cycle?

•  Excitement 
 •  Plateau 
  •  Orgasm 
   •  Resolution 
    •  Refractory period

26.  Sexual dysfunction is one category of disorders of sexuality and sexual functioning. 
The term sexual dysfunction refers to:

•  Problems with the normal sexual response cycle 
 •  Sexual urges or fantasies involving unusual sources of gratification problems 
  •  An individual is dissatisfied with their own biological sex and have a strong desire 
      to be a member of the opposite sex. 
   •  Problems with sexual fantasies

27.  In disorders of sexuality and sexual functioning, the term gender identity disorder 
refers to:

•  Problems with the normal sexual response cycle 
 •  Sexual urges or fantasies involving unusual sources of gratification problems 
  •  Problems with sexual fantasies 
   •  An individual is dissatisfied with their own biological sex and have a strong desire 
      to be a member of the opposite sex

28. Marquis is 4 years old, and as one might expect he pays very careful attention to his 
father. He imitates many of his father’s actions, copies his behaviors, and responds 
appropriately to rewards and punishments for his own behaviors. Marquis is learning 
many aspects of gender through the __________ theory.

•  gender schema 
 •  social learning 
  •  cognitive acquisitive 
   •  behavioral

29.  At what age do children tend to reach the peak of their gender rigidity?

•  3-4 years of age 
 •  5-6 years of age 
  •  7-8 years of age 
   •  9-10 years of age

30.  While there has been quite a bit of effort to emphasize the equality of men and 
women and to promote the concept that men and women have no true differences 
when it comes to skills and abilities. What has research consistently found about this topic?

•  Research has found that there are ways in which men and women are consistently different. 
•  Research supports the idea that other than genitalia and reproductive abilities, men and 
women have no true biological differences. 
•  Research has found that there are brain differences between men and women but that these 
differences are not significant and do not affect our behaviors at all. 
•  Research has found that men and women are vastly different creatures, with massive 
differences in our natural physical and cognitive abilities, and that the push to create a 
‘gender neutral’ society is contrary to the laws of nature.

                              Robert C. Gates

The behavior of a human being in sexual matters is often a prototype for the whole of his 
other modes of reaction in life. 

- Sigmund Freud