Practice test for Stress and Health. 

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Use these sample questions to test yourself & to practice for the test. 

1.  Dean has a comprehensive final exam in three weeks that he is concerned about. 
His concerns prompt him to go ahead and start studying and in doing so, he feels less worried 
as the exam approaches. In this example, the exam, Dean's concerns, and his behavior may 
be seen as an example of _________.

•  burnout 
 •  depression 
  •  distress 
   •  eustress

2.  Researchers today believe that eustress is based off of 
___________ of motivation.

•  Maslow's theory 
 •  the arousal theory 
  •  the biological theory 
   •  the need for affiliation theory 

3.  Unpredictable, large-scale events that create a great deal of stress and feelings of 
treat are called

•  major life events. 
 •  catastrophes. 
  •  hassles. 
   •  major hassles. 
4.  A score above 300 on the SRRS would indicate a person has a __________ of becoming 
ill or having an accident.

•  very high risk 
 •  average 
  •  low risk 
   •  no risk

5.  In addition to be emotionally intense, many of the items on both the SRRS and the 
CUSS are stressful because they

•  involve the most basic hassles. 
 •  cause heart disease. 
  •  turn into catastrophes. 
   •  lead to mild stress disorder.6.

6.  Research suggests the number and perceived severity of daily hassles are strong 
predictors of

•  diabetes. 
 •  headaches. 
  •  depression. 
   • heart attacks. 

7.  Based on previous research, who is more likely to experience lack of money as the biggest 
daily hassle in their life? 

•  children 
 •  adolescents 
  •  young adults 
   •  elderly people

8.  Time pressure is often found to have a negative effect on

•  creativity. 
 •  depression. 
  •  predictability. 
   •  frustration.

9.  Michael was cut from his high school basketball team. He told his friends that he 
was cut because the coach did not like him, but his close friends know Michael was 
cut because he hardly ever practiced. In this situation, Michael's excuse is an 
example of a a(n) __________ frustration, while the fact that he despises practicing 
is an example of a(n) __________ frustration.

•  personal; external 
 •  external; personal 
  •  internal; external 
   •  personal; internal

10.  Kina's husband comes home from work angry because of an argument he had with 
his boss. Subsequently, Kina's husband begins yelling at her for no apparent reason. 
Ultimately, Kina finds herself yelling at their youngest child for apparently no good reason 
other than being frustrated. Kina is displaying

•  escape. 
 •  withdrawal. 
  •  displaced aggression. 
   •  projection.

11.  Which of the following major life events is associated with the highest number of life 
change units on the SRRS?

•  Pregnancy 
 •  Death of a close family member 
  •  Death of a spouse  
   •  Divorce 
    •  Jail term
12.  An example of an internal frustration would be 

•  a relative who does not pay back a debt and prevents a person from buying a much 
    needed new car. 
 •  a shy personality that prevents a person from completing the oral defense for 
     their dissertation. 
  •  a barrier in the road that blocks traffic from passing through on a major highway. 
   •  a boss at work that is consistently placing time pressure on his employees. 
    •  a parent who prevents a child from going out with his friends.
13.  Which of the following is an example of a secondary appraisal?

•  Viewing a loss of a job as a horrible experience that will be difficult to overcome. 
 •  Studying for a difficult test in class and using it as a way to challenge one’s current level 
     of knowledge. 
  •  Looking at giving a public speech as an overwhelming experience. 
   •  Believing that one has the emotional and problem solving skills to deal with 
       solving communication problems with a significant other. 
    •  Looking at losing weight as a challenge that can be used to increase physical health.

14.  Erica was very frustrated with her job and ultimately decided to quit. What do we call 
this method of handling frustration?

•  This approach is called using a scapegoat. 
 •  This is an example of an emotion-focused method. 
  •  This approach is called escape or withdrawal. 
   •  This approach is called ignoring.
15.  Keenan is trying to decide if he should go on spring break with his friends to Las 
Vegas or with his other friends to Miami Beach, both of which he has enjoyed going to 
in the past. Keenan's situation is an  example of a(n) __________ conflict.

•  approach-approach 
 •  avoidance-avoidance 
  •  approach-avoidance 
   •  multiple approach-avoidance

16.  In which of Selye's stages is death a possible outcome?

•  alarm 
 •  resistance 
  •  reaction 
   •  exhaustion
17.  According to Richard Lazarus, determining what can be done to deal with one's 
stress in an example of a __________ appraisal.

•  primary 
 •  secondary 
  •  formal 
   •  tertiary

18.  Jolene rarely takes any work home, preferring to leave her work at the office. She is a 
bit carefree and not as ambitious as some of the other women in her office. Instead, Jolene 
likes to have a lot of leisure time whenever possible. She is easygoing and doesn't lose her 
temper often, preferring to avoid conflict. Which of the following statements about Jolene is 
most likely TRUE?

•  She is a type A personality. 
 •  She is a type B personality. 
  •  She is a type C personality. 
   •  Jolene's risk of coronary heart disease is high.

19.  Azriel seems to thrive on stress and feels very much in control of her life. He would 
probably be labeled a __________ personality.

•  Type A 
 •  Type B 
  •  Type C 
   •  hardy

20.  Huong has moved from China to the United States. While she dresses and act like 
her American friends, she still has retained much of her cultural heritage and attends 
traditional Chinese dance classes on the weekends. This is an example of 

•  assimilation. 
 •  integration. 
  •  separation. 
   •  marginalization.
21.  Gary is having trouble with psychology and statistics. He goes to the school's academic 
help center for tutoring and spends extra time working on problems at home. Gary's method 
of coping is

•  problem focused. 
 •  emotion focused. 
  •  defensive focused.
   •  internal.

22. To alleviate her stress, Jenny often closes her eyes and envisions herself on a quiet beach 
during sunset. This vision often helps her to relax, especially before talking in front of a crowd. 
Such an approach is known as

•  relaxation. 
 •  concentrative meditation. 
  •  progressive muscle relaxation. 
   •  visualization.

23.  Which of the following people may have the greatest ability to cope with stress?

•  Mary, a very religious person who is involved in her community 
 •  Carrie, who works hard but doesn't have any apparent hobbies or other interests 
  •  Jeri, who has few friends and whose family lives far away from her 
   •  Larry, who is highly driven to succeed
24.  Who, if anyone, would consider going shopping as a daily hassle and 
therefore stressful?

•  adolescents 
 •  those in their 20's and 30's 
  •  senior citizens 
   •  Hassles are stressful at any age, and studies do not fine shopping to be a 
      stressor or hassle at any age.

25.  Stressors are more likely to affect health if they are which of the following?

•  Long lasting 
 •  Highly disruptive 
  •  Difficult to control 
   •  All of these

26.  Which of the following statements is true?

•  The stress response is nonspecific. 
 •  Different kinds of stressors produce exactly the same response. 
  •  Different people respond to the same stressor differently. 
   •  All of these are true.

27.  Which of these factors improve coping?

•  Social support 
 •  Optimism 
  •  Perceived control 
   •  All of these

28.  Ali is trying to decide whether to give up his current part-time job. He dislikes the job, but 
if he gives it up, he will have no spending money. This is an example of what kind of conflict?

•  An approach-approach conflict 
 •  An approach-avoidance conflict 
  •  An avoidance-avoidance conflict 
   •  None of these

29.  Jackie has been denied a promotion at work. She is not an effective worker, but she believes 
she did not get the promotion because her supervisor has a grudge against her. This suggests 
that Jackie has which of the following?

•  A pessimistic personality 
 •  An external locus of control 
  •  A type A personality 
   •  A type B personality

30.  What does secondary control involve?

•  Changing locus of control 
 •  Trying to change one’s perspective on a situation 
  •  Trying to change a problematic situation 
   •  None of these

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