note Right!  Naturalistic observation is a method of observation, commonly used by psychologists & behavioral scientists, that involves observing subjects in their natural habitats. Researchers take great care in avoiding interfering with the behaviour they are observing, by using unobtrusive methods. In this method, the researcher observes the behavior under study in its natural setting while attempting to avoid influencing or controlling it. The observations are done in a naturalistic setting without any preparation or participation of the researcher. Therefore, the behavior is observed in public places, streets, homes, and schools. Laboratory studies are not uncommon on this kind of method; however, the participation of the researcher is as an observer. The function of the researcher is to collect the response or behavior being under observation. One advantage of this method is that the information collected is the direct response to a stimulus and in the majority of the cases it does not have to be transformed it means the data is normalized. On the other hand, this method has a major disadvantage of not providing information about the causes of the behavior under study. Bias may also occur, gender or cultural.