note  Kangaroo care is a form of skin-to-skin contact between a parent & their preterm baby. The baby, wearing only a diaper, is held in an upright position against the parent 's bare chest. The baby is held this way for 20 minutes to four hours a day. This is called Kangaroo Care because it is similar to the way a baby kangaroo is snuggled against its mother.

Benefits to the baby may include:
             * Increased parent-infant bonding
             * Comfort from hearing the parent's heart beat
             * Earlier breast-feeding
             * Decreased time spent in the hospital
             * Increased ability to keep warm
             * Increased deep sleep states
             * Decreased breathing pauses & apnea
             * Increased oxygen level
             * Decreased number of slow heart rate spells

Benefits to parents may include:
             * Increased parent-infant bonding
             * Increased breast milk supply
             * Earlier breast-feeding
             * Continuous breast-feeding for longer periods of time
             * Increased readiness for discharge
             * Increased confidence in ability to care for baby
             * Increased sense of control
             * Increased ability to cope with the stress of having a high-risk infant