Social Psychology's Student Project

Computer Based Presentation of a Case Study 

 • Students will prepare a computer based presentation which could be used to present to the class a case study on an 
 individual (The student may do the study on themselves if they wish). This case study will be a descriptive study. The 
 theoretical perspective will focus primarily on the individual development, cognitive behavior, personality, learning & 
 disability, & especially the interpersonal interactions of a particular person when operating in a group environment. 
 The student should reach some conclusion as to the  "normalcy" of the person under study. 
Performance elements for the evaluation of the case study follow:  

 •  The student's project will be done using computer based presentation software such as Microsoft's Power Point. The
presentation will be displayed using a College provided PC running a Microsoft operating system. The Student's project 
will be stored on the student's personal flash drive not on a floppy, CD, or in an E-mail file. Note: There are Power Point  
Problems when Apple developed presentations are displayed on a PC! Quicktime-compressed images won't work on the PC. 
Don't copy/paste images into an Apple PowerPoint. Use Insert, Picture, From File instead to fix this. Always use JPG or 
PNG formats for images. You should check that your presentation runs correctly on a College 
Laboratory PC before making your presentation. 
Ψ You must select a case study subject that you have personal, face-to-face access to. This means they must be; alive, not
a celebrity you watch in videos, observable in real time, and a real person with whom you can talk.

• The student’s case study follows general ethical precautions 
      •  doing no harm to the case study's subject.
       •  securing informed consent from the case study's subject.
        •  explaining the procedures used to the case study's subject.
         •  keeping confidential all personal information not expressly released by the case study's subject.
• The student's presentation will be original in its "look & feel". 
 • The student’s presentation will be well thought out & will be logically organized.
   • The student will address development in the Biosocial, Cognitive, & Psychosocial domains.
     • The student uses personal observations in support of the conclusions reached.
       • The student's computer based presentation will contain enough material to support a 5 minute oral presentation. 
         • The student uses charts & graphs properly in support of the conclusions reached.
           • The student uses at least 3 sources other than the text in support of the conclusions reached.
               Please cite as needed on each slide, A reference page will not be required in this slide presentation. 
             • The student uses various psychological test results in support of the conclusions reached. 
Ψ  Note: Student’s may/should use the various free tests available on the internet as rough 
              approximations of their case study’s subject's attributes. As to the use of the tests used in the example, 
                  of course you may use them in your exploration of a person's characteristics. The uniqueness desired in your case 
                  study is inherent in the test results (the person's attributes) not in the test. In general which characteristics you 
                  include in the case study domains is rather open ended and would have to do with what interests you about the 
                  person and what is observable by you.                 

Ψ  Note: The project due dates are noted on the class schedule. 

Ψ  The project procedures are subject to change if deemed appropriate by the instructor.

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                                                           Robert C. Gates