ARBA GATES, Sr.
                         and His Descendants
                          from 1800 to 1909
                             Compiled by
                           M. C. G A T E S 
                          DENISON    KANSAS
                          from 1909 to 1951
                         SUSAN GATES MORGAN
                        PROCTORSVILLE VERMONT
                        copied and added to 
                           DELBERT GATES
                           ABILENE TEXAS
                              in 1989

ARBA GATES, Sr.,-Was born in Winsor county, Vermont, MAY 18,1800.
     Nothing  is  known  of  his  ancestors, farther  than  four 
     brothers  by the name of Gates,  came from  England to  this 
     country  in  a  very  early  day,  and  that  his  parentage 
     originated  from one of these brothers.  I have met in   the 
     west many men by the name of Gates, and all with whom I have 
     talked,  trace  their origin back to one of these  brothers; 
     but  like  us  are unable to go farther,  or  to  claim  any 
     particular one of them as their forefather.  If this is true 
     of  all,  it  is safe to conclude that all who  legitimately 
     bear the name of Gates,  are in some degree related,  but in 
     most cases so remote as to be almost obscure.  The fact that 
     we,  as a family,  cannot trace our origin farther back than 
     Arba  Gates,  Sr.,  is conclusive evidence that some  record 
     should  be made by the present generation,  on which  future 
     generations can build.

     Arba Gates, Sr., was a man of  splendid physique.  All times 
     and   localities  have  their  basis  of  aristocracy,   the 
     aristocracy of his day,  was not based on fine houses, lands 
     or  money,  but on physical strength and  activity,  and  in 
     these things he was an aristocrat.

     But  few  men  possessed the physical strength  and  courage 
     accorded to him, and when aroused he became a power that was 
     almost irresistible;  but it can be said to his credit  that 
     he   never  used  his  strength  in  oppressing  those  less 
     fortunate,  but  always  in defending the weak  against  the 
     tyranny of some big bully.   It was not an uncommon thing in 
     those days,  for a man to get the notion that on account  of 
     his  size he could intimidate all those with whom he came in 
     contact,  and  often one of these fellows would appear in  a 
     community  and  cause great commotion by  his  boasting  and 
     abuse;  and  when his actions became intolerable  they would 
     send for Arba,  and when he got through with him,  he  never 
     looked for other worlds to conquer. 

     The  writer remembers an instance,   when a mere  boy,  that 
     illustrates  his courage and his high sense of  justice,  as 
     well as his readiness to defend the weak against the strong.

     In  accordance with a long deferred promise,  I  accompanied 
     him  to  Ogdens  Burg (a city on the lake,)  in  those  days 
     farmers made cheese in the summer months, and hauled them in 
     the winter to the city, and because of this immense traffic, 
     hotels were located all along the route at intervals of four 
     or five miles.  On this trip of which I speak, we arrived at 
     one of these inns just after dark, and when we drove up, the 
     proprietor and his hostler came out with lanterns,  and when 
     they  discovered  who it was,  seemed greatly  pleased,  and 
     remarked  that they were never so glad to see him  as  then; 
     and  explained there was a big bully in the house,  that had 
     been  terrorizing the little town for several days,  and  no 
     one dared to interfere; that they had been wishing that Arba 
     Gates would come along.  Father said that he was getting  to 
     old for such things, and had better go on to the next hotel.  
     But  in the mean time his team was unhitched and on the  way 
     to the barn, and we were ushered into the hotel office.  The 
     first  thing I saw was a great big burly fellow;  with  coat 
     and  vest  off,  and  sleeves rolled up,  was  making  great 
     demonstrations-by striking terrific blows against the  wall, 
     each side of a young man's head,  that he had backed up in a 
     corner.   The size of the man,  and his ferociousness struck 
     me with horror, and I clutched father's coat for protection.  
     Suddenly  the  coat  dropped at my feet,  and I  saw  father 
     striding  across  the room.   The big fellow  had  his  back 
     toward us, and did not see father until he reached past him, 
     and  caught the young man by the arm and pulling him out  of 
     the  corner  and  promptly took his place and  informed  the 
     bully  "that  a man,  and not a boy confronted  him."   This 
     bully like most men of his class was naturally a coward, and 
     the change was so sudden and the confident determination  of 
     the man before him was so evident,  that his boasted courage 
     left him, and father literally  kicked him out of the house.

     While  this  instance was  no test of his strength,  it  was 
     certainly  a good test of his courage and his  readiness  to 
     champion the cause of the weak;  especially when we consider 
     that  he  had  arrived at an age when most  men  would  have 
     considered themselves down and out.

     I   remember  him  as  a  man  with  two  especially  strong 
     characteristics;  one was his love and admiration for a good 
     horse.  The other, his strong likes and dislikes.  If he did 
     not  like a man he preferred to have nothing to do with him; 
     while upon the other hand,  if he liked a man,  he would not 
     only  place implicit confidence in him,  but would scorn  to 
     protect himself in any large business transaction against  a 
     possible  mistake,  apparently  deeming such a course  as  a 
     breach of confidence, or an act of disloyalty to a friend.

     If his judgment  of men had always been correct,  this trait 
     would  not have proven so disastrous to him,  but too  often 
     some designing rascal would gain his confidence, and swindle 
     him out of all he had.   And after each case of this kind he 
     would  show  remarkable courage and ability in  recuperating 
     his  losses,  only  to be again swept away in  like  manner.  
     Those  who were true and honest,  seemed to so outweigh  the 
     failure   of  others  that  he  did  not  profit  by   these 
     experiences and seemingly could not question the loyalty  of  
     one  he  liked.   While this trait made him  an  undesirable 
     enemy it made him a very true and loyal friend.

     In 1819 he was married to Miss Susan Clintsman,  and settled 
     in Jefferson County,  N.  Y.   Together they endured all the 
     privations and hardships incident to the making of a home in 
     that   new  and  heavily  timbered  country.    In  1851  he 
     accompanied  his son,  Issac,  to California,  returning  in 
     1853.   Two years later he emigrated to  Waupun,  Wisconsin, 
     and  in  1862 to Fillmore county,  Minnesota,  returning  to 
     Wisconsin in 1874,  and died there May 29th,  1888,  aged 88 
     years and 11 days.

     Politically  he was a Republican,  and a radical Union  man.  
     In religion, a Methodist.

SUSAN  CLINTSMAN,  was  born March 23rd,  1802  in  St.  Lawrence  
     county,  N. Y. Nothing is known of her parentage except that 
     they were of German decent. 

     In  1819  she  was married to Arba  Gates,  Sr.,  and  after 
     enduring all the privations and hardships, incident to a new 
     country  and  raising a large family,  she died  at  Waupun, 
     Wis., April 18th, 1890,  aged 88 years and 25 days.  She was 
     one of those cheerful, sunny characters, that could meet and 
     overcome trials and disappointments, without embittering her 
     life.  No grander tribute can be paid her, than that all her 
     many children love and revere her memory, and acknowledge in 
     their declining years, that the influence of mother's  sweet 
     Christian life has helped them over many rough places.

              The joys and griefs of childhood born.             
              She shared with all a mothers' fervor;
              Our joys were jewels in her crown,
              Our griefs, her clouds of sadness ever,
              For all our faults she made excuse,
              Our merits praised o'er every other;
              She screened us from the world's abuse,
              And taught us to adore-our mother
              If aught of truth our life has shown,
              We owe it to that angel one,
              Who gave us life and loved us ever.
              She left her sons and daughters all
              A life whose years surpassed each other,
              In all the noble traits that fall
              Upon the sacred name of-mother.
     She  was  a  devout and consistent member of  the  Methodist 
     Episcopal church from early life to the time of her death.

     To  them were born eleven  children,  as  follows:-Elizabeth 
     Gates,  Abram F.  Gates,  Isaac Gates,  John F.  Gates, Arba 
     Gates,  Jr., Susan Gates, Luther Lee Gates, Sarahrett Gates, 
     Wallace Gates, Emma M. Gates and Merrit C. Gates.
          ELIZABETH  GATES was born in Antwerp,  Jefferson county 
          N.  Y.,  January 17th,  1821.   Was married to John  F. 
          Thompson,  February 13th,  1842.  In 1856 they moved to 
          Waupun,  Wisconsin.  She died there, May 7h, 1899, aged 
          78 years and 20 days.  Her husband, John Thompson, died 
          February 16th, 1907.
          Elizabeth Thompson,  and John F. Thompson, her husband, 
          were  both  members of the Christian  (or  Campbellite) 
          church.  Politically they were both Republicans.

          To them were born seven children,  as follows:-Edwin S. 
          Thompson,  Susan M.  Thompson, Alden W. Thompson, Alice 
          R.  Thompson,  Sarahrett  Thompson, Andrew D. Thompson.  
          One child a boy, died in infancy.

          ABRAM  FRANCIS GATES,  was born in  Chaumount,Jefferson 
          county,  N.  Y.  May  18th,  1823.   Married Miss  Jane 
          Nicholson,  of Lowville,  Lewis county,  N. Y., January 
          1848.  To  them  were born three children  as  follows: 
          Rannettie Clarisa, Abram Adelbert, and Luella Jane.  He 
          died in Hailesboro,  N.Y.  Jan.  21st,  1896.   Aged 73 
          years , 8 months and 3 days.

               Ranettie  C.  Gates  was  born in  Fowler  N.  Y., 
               February 25th,  1849.  She went to Jackson county, 
               Kansas,   in  1882.   Was  married  there  on  May 
               1st, 1889 to William A.  Harbison.  About one year 
               after   her  marriage  they  went  to   Washington 
               Territory on the Pacific Coast, lived there and in 
               Idaho  until  1901,  when  they  returned  to  St. 
               Lawrence County,  N.  Y.  Two years afterward they 
               moved to Winsor county,  Vermont, lived there four 
               years,  in the town of Ludlow,  and again returned 
               to N.  Y.  No children.  William Harbinson died in 
               Mexico,  Oswego  county,  N.  Y.   She  passed  on 
               January 11th,  1935,  in Hermon N.Y. where she had 
               lived with her stepdaughter, Mrs. Earl Smith.  Mr. 
               Smith   was  also  the  nephew  of  Nettie   Gates 

               Abram  Adelbert  Gates,  was born in  Fowler,  St. 
               Lawrence county, N.Y., November 25th, 1850 married 
               December 21,  1874, to Miss Francis Bacon moved to 
               Jackson county, Kansas, in 1881.  Returned to N.Y. 
               in  1890.   Francis  Gates,  his wife,  died  June 
               1st,1893.   No children.   On June 23rd,  1896  he 
               married Miss Hattie Anderson,  of Antwerp, by this 
               marriage  four  children were  born,  as  follows: 
               Adelbert  Maurice born April  22nd,  1897;  Marion  
               Jane,  born March 13th, 1899, died June 7th, 1899.  
               Merrit Abram, born may 28th, 1901. Infant son died 
               May 23rd, 1906.  Lived in Richville, N.Y.  

                    Adelbert Maurice Gates born at Antwerp,  N.Y. 
                    April 22nd,  1897 married Miss Flossie Morgan 
                    of Pulaski,  N.Y. October 13th, 1919.  To the 
                    were born two children,  as follows:  Richard 
                    Maurice Gates born at Pulaski,  N.Y.,  August 
                    18th, 1926.  Alberta Jane Gates born December 
                    25th, 1930.   

                         Merrit A.  Gates born at  Antwerp,  N.Y.  
                         May   28th,   1901  married  Miss   Ruth 
                         Northrup  of  Gouverneur,  N.Y.  October 
                         12th, 1926.  To them was born one son at 
                         Bridgeton,  N.J. October 28th,1927.  His 
                         name is Robert  Merritt Gates.   At this 
                         writing  (1951)  their address  is  3710 
                         Woodmont Road, Toledo, Ohio.    
                         Alberta  Jane  Gates born  December  25, 

               Luella  Jane  Gates,   was  born  in  Fowler,  St. 
               Lawrence county,  N.  Y., November 25th, 1852; was 
               married March 27th, 1878 to George H. Robinson. To 
               them  was  born  one  son,   William  Abram,  born 
               September 23rd,  1881.  Luella Gates Robinson died 
               May 27th, 1927. Buried in Gouverneur Cementry.  

          JANE GATES,  first wife of Abraham F.  Gates,  died  in 
          Hermon,  June 19th,  1855.  And on November 10th, 1857, 
          he married Miss Adaline M.  Dodge,  of Lowville,  Lewis 
          county,  N.  Y.   By  this marriage three children were 
          born, as follows, Sarada M., John Frank, and Sherman A.
               Sarada M.  Gates was born June 9,  1861.   Married 
               James E.  Smith,  of Hermon,  St. Lawrence county, 
               N.Y.,  March 19th,  1879.   To them were born five 
               children,  as follows:-Earl A.,  born January 7th, 
               1880; Nettie M.  born July 16th, 1882; Ada L. born 
               March 13th,  1885;  Rena M. born August 29th, 1887 
               and Sherman J.,  born December 6th,  1895.  Sarada 
               M. Smith (nee Gates) died August 8th, 1905.

               John  Frank Gates,  born in Hermon,  St.  Lawrence 
               county,  N.  Y.,  March 22nd,  1865.  Married Miss 
               Cora E. Reid of Hermon, N. Y., June 7th, 1892.  J. 
               Frank  Gates  died September  20th,  1928  and  is 
               buried in Hailesboro, N.Y.

               To them were born four children,  as follows,-Carl 
               Abram,  born October 29th,  1893;  Grant A.,  born 
               February 1st,  1896;  Bertha A., born January 1st, 
               1898; Raymond F., born April 5th, 1907.

                    Carl  Abram Gates born  October  29th,  1893, 
                    married Miss Clara A.  Campbell of Gouverneur 
                    N.Y. September 12th, 1922.  To them were born 
                    three sons:  Clifton Lewis, Gilbert Frank and 
                    Melvin Carl.

                         Clifton Lewis Gates born June 3rd, 1926, 
                         married  Miss  Edna  Macauely  September 
                         7th,   1948.   To  them  were  born  two 
                         children: Elizabeth June born June 24th, 
                         1949  and Louis Carl born October  14th, 
                         Gilbert  Frank Gates born January  31st, 
                         1930,  Married  Miss Ruby Race  February 

                         Melvin Carl Gates born June 18th, 1937.

               Grant A.  Gates born February 1st,  1896,  married 
               Miss Bertha Myers October 22nd, 1919.  He has been 
               in the milk business all his life.   He belongs to 
               the  Presbyterian  church  and in  politics  is  a 
               Republican.   To them were born two sons:  Phillip 
               and Stuart.

                    Phillip Gates,  born August 9th,  1921,  died 
                    September  9th,1945.   He was in the  Service 
                    three years,  Serving nearly two years in the 
                    European theatre.
                    Stuart Gates born March 26th, 1934.
               Bertha A.  Gates born January 1st,  1898, received 
               her education in Gouverneur Schools.   She married 
               Gerald  K.  Woods  September  18th,  1920.   After 
               living  two years on her fathers farm in the  town 
               of Hermon,  they went to  Castorland,  N.Y.  where 
               they  have  resided  since and where he  has  been 
               postmaster  for  several  years.    They  were  of 
               Methodist religion and in politics  Democrat.   To  
               them  were born two children;  as  follows:  Ellen 
               Elizabeth,  born May 3rd, 1925 and Richard Gerald, 

               Raymond F.  Gates born April 5th, 1907, unmarried, 
               has lived on the old farm since his father's death 
               making a home for his aged mother.

               Sherman A.  Gates,  born in Hermon,  St.  Lawrence 
               county,   N.  Y.,  Dec.  11th,  1867. Married June 
               17th,  1897,  to  Miss  Jessie  B.  Blodgette,  of 
               Fowler,  St.  Lawrence county, N. Y. They have one 
               son, Marc Bradley, born August 30th,1900.  Sherman 
               A.  Gates died February 20th, 1961, aged 93 years.  
               Jessie B. Blodgette, his wife, died November 11th, 

                    Marc  Bradley Gates born August  30th,  1900, 
                    married  Miss Helen  A.  Casten August  16th, 
                    1929.   Two daughters were born to them:  Kay 
                    Sandra and Judith Ann.

                         Kay Sandra born February 16th, 1934

                         Judith Ann born September 18th, 1938.

          ABRAM F.  GATES,  was not a member of any church, but a 
          believer  in Religion,  and the Bible;  was a member of 
          the Order of A. F. and A. M., in politics a Democrat.

          ABRAM F. GATES,-when a boy helped clear up a farm known 
          as the Gates farm; now owned by Andrew Murrey. He spent 
          the  greater part of his life on a farm,  was quite  an 
          extensive  dealer in horses and cattle.   In  1872,  he 
          became  owner  and manager of the west Hermon  and  Elm 
          Grove  cheese factories.   Although a Democrat,  in the 
          Republican  town of Hermon,  served two terms  as  town 
          assessor.    He  was  a  member  of  Masonic  Lodge  of 
          Gouverneur,  (The  services at the grave were conducted 
          by  that order.) A man of genial and happy  disposition 
          always  ready  to  take a joke,  and a  kind  word  for 
          everyone.   One  chief trait of his character,  was  to 
          make his home cheerful, and  family happy.

               Adelbert  Maurice  Gates born  at  Antwerp,  N.Y., 
               April  22, 1897  married Miss  Flossie  Morgan  of 
               Pulaski, Jefferson county, N.Y. August 18th, 1926.  
               Alberta Jane Gates, born December 25th,1930.

                    Merrit  A.   Gates,   was  born  at  Antwerp, 
                    Jefferson county,  N.Y.  on May  28th,  1901, 
                    married Miss Ruth Northrup of Gouverneur, St. 
                    Lawrence  county,  N.Y.  October 12th,  1926.  
                    They  have one son born  at  Bridgeton,  N.J. 
                    October  28th,  1927.   His  name  is  Robert 
                    Merritt Gates.  At this writing their address 
                    is 3710 Woodmont Road, Toledo 6, Ohio. 

          ISAAC GATES:-Was born in New York, July 20th, 1825.  He 
          was married in 1850 to Miss Susan Waldo.   Loosing  his 
          health  from  exposure while teaching  school,  he  was 
          advised  to go at once to California,  but he gradually 
          grew worse,  and died February 1, 1853, four days after 
          landing  in  San  Francisco  leaving  a  wife  and  one 
          daughter.   The daughter-ELLEN GATES, was born in 1852.  
          In  1869 she was married to Irwin Merril,  and died  in 
          1887.  Irwin Merril (her husband) died in 1902.

          JOHN F.  GATES:-Was born in Martinsburg,  Lewis county, 
          N.  Y.  October 13th, 1827, went to California in 1852, 
          and  returned in 1857.   He was married on  March  9th, 
          1858 to Miss Melvina C.  Hillyer, at Granville, Licking 
          county, Ohio.  They soon afterward  started for Kansas, 
          settling  in  the  south eastern part of the  state  in 
          1858.   It is safe to say that no member of our  family 
          has endured as many hardships,  persecution, losses and 
          dangers  as has this brother and his wife.   Those  who 
          are  at  all  familiar with the history of  the  border 
          troubles,  from 1861 to 1865,  may be able to form some 
          idea of what they endured and something of the courage, 
          fortitude  and  determination displayed  by  the  early 
          settlers  of  Kansas.   God bless them  all,  they  are 
          deserving  of the gratitude of every Kansasn,  for they 
          have given to us and the world,  one of the best,  most 
          prosperous  and enterprising States in this  grand  old 
          Union.   Will here mention but a few incidents of those 
          stirring times,  and only such as directly affected the 
          subject of this sketch. 

          In  1860  an  Indian  agent  came  with  United  States 
          soldiers,  and  ordered all settlers to leave,  burning 
          their cabins to prevent their return.   They all (about 
          25 families,) moved out and camped near a small town by 
          the  name  of Marmiton.   They soon learned  that  this 
          agent had no authority to do this,  and they all  moved 
          back, and commenced the rebuilding of their cabins, and 
          were hardly settled again,  when the war broke out, and 
          then their real troubles began.

          In  1861,  soon  after the battle  between  Siegel  and 
          Price,   their   settlement   was  invaded  by   border 
          guerrillas from Missouri.   The settlers were all taken 
          prisoners,  some were hung to a tree,  and the  balance 
          ordered  to  leave,  under  dire  threats  should  they 
          return.   They were robbed of horses and cattle, and in 
          fact everything that was worth taking;  and with claims 
          again burned, were compelled to get their families to a 
          place  of  safety.   This  brother sent his  family  to 
          Grasshopper  Falls  (or Valley Falls) and  enlisted  at 
          Fort  Scott,  in the Second  Kansas  Battery,  October, 
          1862.   After serving three years,  was mustered out at 
          Leavenworth  in  1865,  and  returned at  once  to  his 
          family,  to  the scene of his former troubles;  and for 
          many  years  therafter endured all the  privations  and 
          hardships of a new country.

          The writer has many times stood under the same tree  on 
          which  his brother saw his neighbors hung,  and  viewed 
          the site on which his cabin had been twice burned,  and 
          turning  saw  a fine and commodious residence  standing 
          there  as monument to the courage and sacrifice of  his 
          brother and his wife.

          We  who came after,  to enjoy the fruits of  the  early 
          settlers,  should not forget that our heritage has been 
          made possible,  through the hardships and privations of 

          After  getting himself surrounded with all the comforts 
          of life he (for some reason unknowable to others)  sold 
          out  and went to Western Kansas to engage in the  stock 
          business.   A  cyclone destroyed all his  improvements, 
          and the drought that followed made it impossible to get 
          feed  for  his stock and he drove across to  La  Junta, 
          Colorado,  in 1893, and wintered them on alfalfa raised 
          by  irrigation.   He  liked that country and  bought  a 
          farm,  with a perpetual water right, and moved there in 
          1894.   This  farm  has  become  valuable;  the  writer 
          visited this brother and family in 1907, and found them 
          prosperous  and  to all apperance contented and  happy.  
          And  surely  no  one  is better  entitled  to  all  the 
          blessings and comforts that can come to old  age,  than 
          this  brother  and his wife.   To them were  born  five 
          children: three dying in infancy.
               Lillie  Gates was born in 1865,  is single and  at 
               home with her parents.

               Birdie  Gates was born in 1875,  died at La Junta, 
               Colorado, March 22, 1897, aged 22 years.  He was a 
               bright  promising young man,  and his death was  a 
               severe blow to the father and mother,  who had for 
               so   long  looked  forward  to  the  comfort   and 
               consolation  their  only son would be to  them  in 
               their declining years.
          John F.  Gates is a Methodist, a member of the I. O. O. 
          F., and his early experience with the Missouri brand of 
          Democrats made him a radical Republican.  P.O.  address 
          La Junta, Colorado.

     ARBA GATES,Jr.-Was born in Lewis county,  N.  Y., July 24th, 
     1830,  was married July 4th, 1858 to Miss Minerva Stone. She 
     died September 14th,  1873.   By this marriage four children 
     were born, as follows: 

                    EMMA ETT GATES,  born April 2nd,1859; married 
                    Mr. Fred Olin, March 30th, 1882. To them were 
                    born three children:  Mable Olin,  born April 
                    6th,  1893,  Fred Olin, born April 17th, 1895 
                    and Howard born August 27th,  1897.  Emma Ett 
                    Olin died July 19th, 1940.

          ABRAM F.  GATES,  born April 26th,  1862,  married Miss 
          Emmagene Blanchard,  November 29th, 1883.  To then were 
          born  five  children,  Fred,  Floyd,  Claud  and  twins 
          Francis and Fannie.  Abram F. Gates died February 23rd, 
          1960, aged 97 years.

               Fred Gates born March 15th,1886, died in infancy.

               Floyd Gates born February 22nd, 1893, married Miss 
               Katherine Montonda,  October 20th,  1917.  To them 
               were born two children:

                    Neal Frederick Gates born July 31st,1928.

                    Jean Marie Gates born May 14th,1932.

               Claud Gates born September 4th, 1894, married Miss 
               Helen West August 11th,  1917.   To them were born 
               three girls:  Louise,  Agnes Betty and Jane Vivan. 
               Claud Gates died October 13th,  1942 and is buried 
               in Antwerp, N.Y., where his home had been for many 

                    Louise  Gates  born May  7th,  1918,  married 
                    Harry Devoy November 1931.

                    Agnes Betty Gates born May 13th, 1920 married 
                    Samuel C. Jones October 9th, 1942.

                    Jane  Vivan  Gates  born  April  13th,  1928, 
                    married Harold Dane September 14th, 1946.  

               Francis Gates, twin of Fannie died in infancy.

               Fannie Gates, born May 7th, 1899, married James W. 
               Smith August 20,  1919.   James W.  Smith died May 
               7th,  1961,  preceeding his wife by several years.  
               No children.

          GEORGE B. GATES; born February 2nd, 1865, died February 
          15th, 1867.

          DORA GATES,  born January 18th,  1868;  married  Hobert 
          Daniels,  December 20th,  1884.   To them were born two 
          children,  Gladys (Glade),  born  April 26th,  1886 and 
          Florence born February 21st,1894.   Dora Gates  Daniels 
          was  killed  by a truck in  Syracuse,  N.Y.,  September 
          14th, 1928 and is buried in Gouverneur, N.Y.

     ARBA  GATES,Jr.  married Miss Sarah A.  Brown,  in  October, 
     1874.   By this second marriage nine children were born,  as 

          JOHN D.  GATES,  born May 14th 1875; married Miss Laura 
          E.  Church,  October 26th, 1897.  To them were born two 
          girls: Elsie E., and Doris L..  JOHN GATES died January 
          4th,1958,  aged 82,  his wife, on July 23rd, 1960, aged 

               Elsie E. Gates was born December 19th, 1904.  Died 
               December 3rd, 1905.
               Doris L.  Gates was born September 16th, 1909, now 
               is a school teacher in Russell,  N.Y.  The date of 
               her death is unknown.

          THOMAS H.  GATES,  born April 25th,  1877; married Miss 
          Myrtle Scott,  July 3rd, 1901. They had three children, 
          Mabel,  Walter and Blanche.  THOMAS GATES died May 9th, 
          1950 in Rutland Hospital,  Vermont.  He had been making 
          his  home  with  his  son  Walter.   He  is  buried  in 
          Proctorsville, Vt. cementry.

               Mabel  Gates born March 17th,1903,  married Carley 
               Brown May 15th,1914. To them were born three sons: 
               Merton Thomas,  born April 25th,1921, Nelson James 
               born  February 17th,  1923 and Morris  birth  date 
               unknown.  Mabel Brown died July 13th, 1925.

               Walter  Gates born April 19th,1906,  married  Miss 
               Laura Farrar July 21st, 1921.  They have one son.

                    Gordon Walter born January 18th,  1937.  Last 
                    known to be in Florida.  

               Blanche Gates born March 8th, 1913, married Albert 
               Smith  November 2nd, 1933. To them were born three 
               children:   Elizabeth   Ann,   born  April   14th, 
               1934, Robert William,  born October 21st,1936, and 
               Bruce Thomas, born May 6th,1948.

          SUSAN  GATES;  born August 5th,  1879;  married  Elbert 
          Morgan,  March  18th,  1903.   To  them were born  four 
          children:  Earl Morgan,  born January  9th,1904,  Edwin 
          Morgan born April 12th, 1907, Marion Marion Morgan born 
          April 11th, 1911, and Mabel Louise Morgan born February 
          25th,  1915.   Susan Gates Morgan died April 5th, 1962, 
          aged 82.
          GEORGE GATES,  born December 18th,  1881,  married Miss 
          Mary Billings, April 29th, 1911.  To them were born two 
          children: Arba and Eva.

               Arba Samuel Gates born April 12th,  1912,  married 
               Miss Dorthy Rowe, March 1937.  They have one son.

                    George Rollo Gates born December 20th,  1937,                    
                    married Miss Gertrude McKinney of Gouverneur, 
                    N.Y.   To them were born two children:  Peggy 
                    and   Stuart.    His  address  (April   1989) 
                    Freeport  Indonesia Inc.   George  R.  Gates, 
                    P.O.,   Box  425,  Cairns,  Queensland  4870, 

                    Eva  Gates  born December 4th,  1913  married 
                    Keith  Spaulding March 19th,1934.  They  have 
                    one son.  Rodney born Jan. 18th, 1940.

          MONA GATES,  born March 25th,  1883; married Ned Mills, 
          December 12th, 1905.  To them were born three children.  
          Mona Gates Mills died May 1910 soon after the birth  of 
          her  third  son Charles.  Aneita Mills born July  16th, 
          1905,  Joseph  Mills born January 18,1907  and  Charles 
          Mills born April 27th, 1910. 

          CHARLES E.  GATES born April 1st,  1886, married Lillie 
          Tyrell May 7th,  1913 at Crary's Mills,  N.Y.   To them 
          were born two children. Charles E. Gates died Dec. 7th, 
          1962 aged 76 years.   His wife Lillie L. Gates died May 
          7th, 1967 aged 72 years.

               Delbert  C.   Gates  born  March  9th,   1914   in 
               Palmerville,   N.Y.    Was   graduated  from  Knox 
               Memorial High School in Russell in  1932,  married 
               Miss Helen B.   Russell in Russell,  N.Y.  October 
               17th,  1936.   He  worked  most  of  his  life  in 
               papermills near Gouverneur,  retiring in 1976.  He 
               moved  to  Abilene,  Texas  in 1889  after  having 
               operated  a small fishing tackle shop  in  Natural 
               Dam  for  30  years.   To them was born  one  son: 
               Robert Charles.

                    Robert C.  Gates born in 
                    Hepburn Hospital,  Ogdensburg,  N.Y.   He 
                    graduated from Gouverneur High School in 1957 
                    and joined the U.S. Air Force that same year.  
                    Mustered out of the service at Biloxi, Miss. 
                    in 1961,  he married Miss Colleen Thayer,  of 
                    Bigelow,  N.Y., in 1962, to them was born one 
                    child:  Dawn Marie. He rejoined the Air Force 
                    in 1963.   The marriage ended in divorce, and 
                    in  1967 he married Miss Linda Sauter of  St. 
                    Marys,  Pa.,  a graduate of the Hornel,  N.Y. 
                    school of nursing.    To them were born three 
                    children:  Kimberly  Amber,  Kurt Charles and 
                    Kyle Charles.  Lives in Abilene, Texas, where 
                    both  he and Linda are instructors  at  Cisco 
                    Junior College. He in Electronics, she in the 
                    School of Nursing (Linda returned to Abilene 
		    State School's nursing sevice - 1997).   

                         Kimberly  Amber  Gates born  
                         at Ramey Air Base,  Puerto  Rico, 
                         married  Rickey  Wombles December  24th, 
                         1988. Son: Bobby, 15 December 1990 

                         Kurt Robert Gates born 
                         in Abilene, Texas.
                         Kyle Robert Gates born 
                         in Abilene, Texas.

               Lura  Mae  Gates (Samantha) born  May  28th,  1925 
               married  Charles Helvie June  28th,  1942.   After 
               serving  time in the U.S.  Army he returned to his 
               former occupation as a machinist at the Air  Brake 
               in Watertown, N.Y., where he retired at the age of 
               62.   To  them was born one child:  Ellen  Denise.  
               Their  home  (1989) is at Rd 1   Box  48,  Sackets 
               Harbor, N.Y. 13865.

          CARL GATES,  born September 17th,  1889; died September 
          14th, 1891.

          HARRY GATES, born September 28th, 1890; single; died in 
          Ogdensburg   hospital  in  1918  during  an   influenza 

          STANLEY GATES,  born May 19th,  1895,  is unmarried and 
          resided  in  Fine N.Y.   Drove taxi  and  carried  mail 
          between  Gouverneur  and  Fine for many  years,  he  is 
          buried in the Cemetery in Fine.

The  writer (MERRITT C.  GATES) had but little,  if  any,personal 
acqaintance with this brother,  but those who knew him best, were  
unstinted in their praise of his industry,  and sterling honesty, 
and surely a record for industry, and strict honesty, fairly won, 
is  a record of which any man may be justly proud.   He moved  to 
Palmerville,  N. Y. in 1868, and bought the Palmerville saw mill, 
and  in  1885 added to it a grist mill and is said to be doing  a 
prosperous business.  He is a member of Russell Lodge No. 566, A. 
F.  and  A.  M.   In  politics he is a Democrat;  in  religion  a 
Universalist. P.O. Palmerville, N. Y.        

SARAH A.  GATES,  (nee Brown,) 2nd wife of Arba Gates,  Jr., died 
     March 9th,  1908 in Russell, N.Y.  Arba Gates Jr., died July 
     6th,  1925 in the town of Cavendish,  Vermont.  His body was 
     sent back to Russell,N.Y.  where a large Masonic funeral was 
     held in the M. E. church in South Russell.

     SUSAN A.  MURREY,  nee GATES,  was born February 24th, 1833. 
     January 1st,  1856,  she was married to Andrew Murrey.   Mr. 
     MURREY   was   born  in   Scotland,   1830.    He   followed 
     blacksmithing for several years.  The writer well remembers, 
     how,  when a mere boy, he (with other boys) used to vie with 
     each  as  to who would sit on a box by the forge  and  there 
     toast our shins,  and watch Murrey work.   For some reason I 
     nearly  always got the right of way.   I then thought it was 
     because  he liked me better than the other  boys,  but  have 
     since concluded that it was on account of my sister.  He was 
     a man of good habits, never indulging in slang or profanity, 
     except  when bee hunting,  and his favorite expression  was, 
     "Now what will Susan say."

     I know but little of this sister's later life,  but remember 
     her as a girl abounding in good cheer,  scattering  sunshine 
     to  all  about her,  full of energy and  determination,  yet 
     loving and true to the last.  I know of no stronger proof of 
     a sister's love and goodness of heart than that her  younger 
     brother would readily go to her,  for help and sympathy,  in 
     all his hurts and troubles,  as to his mother.   Ah, how the 
     memories  of  childhood cling to us,  and how in old age  we 
     love to revel in these memories and be a boy again.  At such 
     times  this sister stands forth on the  pages of  my  memory 
     "as  the  best  sister a boy ever had."  To them  were  born 
     three children,  as follows: Andrew Murrey, Jr., born August 
     21st,  1857,  Emma Etta Murrey, was born July, 1864, Leon B. 
     Murrey, born October 24th, 1869.  

     ANDREW MURREY,  Sr., is not a member of any church, but says 
     he is a believer in all that is good.   In politics he is  a 
     Republican;  is  a  member of the Masonic  Lodge.  SUSAN  A. 
     MURREY,  is a member of the M.  E. church, and politically a 
     LUTHER L.  GATES:-was born in Hermon,  N.Y., June 7th, 1835.  
     On November 29th,  1854, he married Miss Harriet E. Mix.  To 
     them were born six children, as follows:     

          Charles  W.   Gates:-was  born  September  16th,  1855; 
          married  Miss Darallen  Tedrow,  November  29th,  1879.  
          They  have  five children,  two boys and  three  girls.  
          P.O., Webb City, Mo.
               Ghovernor J.  Gates, born February 9th, 1858, died 
               November 19th, 1860.

               Elmer L.  Gates was born April 3rd,  1861, married 
               Miss  Anna  Powel June 2nd,  1890.   No  children.  
               P.O., Webb City, Mo.
               Hattie L.  Gates,  born May  6th,  1866.   Single. 
               P.O., Webb City, Mo.

               Lillie A. Gates was born April 29th, 1869; married 
               Charles  F.   Champion,   April  10th,  1895.   No 
               children.  P.O., Webb City, Mo.

               Bower  M.   Gates,  was  born  October  11th,1874; 
               married  to Miss Rose  Wolfenburger,  July,  30th, 
               1889.   They  have two children,  one girl and one 
               boy.  P.O., Webb City, Mo.

          L.  L.  GATES enlisted September,  1861, in Company A., 
          60th N.Y.  Inf.,  was discharged  June,  1865,  serving 
          nearly  four years.   In 1868,  he went to southeastern 
          Kansas,  his family following in 1870;  and in 1871  he 
          moved  to Webb City,  Mo.  where he now  resides.   The 
          writer visted this brother and his family in 1908,  and 
          found  him well and remarkably active and vigorous  for 
          his age.   In belief he is a Methodist.   In politics a 
          Republican.  P.O., Webb City, Mo.

          SARAHETTE E.  Rollison, nee Gates, was born in the town 
          of Hermon,  St.  Lawrence county,  N.Y.  February 28th, 
          1838.   She  accompanied her parents to to Wisconsin in 
          1855,  taught school for two terms near Waupun,  and in 
          1857 was married to Mr.  J.  I. Rollison, of Fondulack, 
          Wis.   Mr. ROLLISON died March 17th,1885.  Being left a 
          widow, with no children to care for, and ample means to 
          gratify   her   desires,   she   has   traveled   quite 
          extensively.   Besides  several trips to New York,  she 
          with  a  number  of friends,  took  what  is  called  a 
          Mediterranean Cruise.   Sailed from New York,  February 
          1st,  1900,  making first stop at the Maderia  Islands, 
          second at Gibraltar,  which is said to be the strongest 
          natural  fortification in the world;  then to the  Holy 
          Land;  visiting  Jerusalem,  Jerico,  the Jordan River, 
          Nazareth  and  Hebron,  where  Abraham  and  Sarah  are 
          buried;  also visited Constantinople,  Athens,  Naples, 
          Rome,  Paris and London.   Then to Cario,  Egypt; while 
          there occupied a beautiful palace on the Nile, visiting 
          the  pyramids,  museums and all the places of interest, 
          returning by way of Liverpool to Boston. Mass.
          In 1905 she went to California,  spending the winter at 
          Oakland,  leaving  there but seventeen days before  the 
          San Francisco earthquake.   On her way home she visited 
          her brother Mett in Kansas.
          In  politics  she  is  a  Republican;   in  religion  a 
          Methodist,  having  been a member of that church  since 
          1861.  She is now  (January 1909) in N. Y., on a visit.  
          Her home is Waupun, Wis.

          WALLACE GATES:- was born April 2nd,  1840;  died August 
          12th,1845, aged 4 years, 7 months and 20 days.

          EMMA M. GATES:-was born March 7th, 1842, in Hermon, St. 
          Lawrence county,  N.Y.   She accompanied her parents to 
          Waupun,  Wisconsin  in 1855,  and to Minnesota in 1862, 
          returning  to Wisconsin in 1875.   She was  married  to 
          Lester S.  Williams July 3rd,  1883.  No children.  She 
          has  been an invalid for many years,  enduring two very 
          painful operations, affording but little if any relief.  
          Because of these great afflictions, she has the sincere 
          sympathy  of  every member of the  family.   She  is  a 
          devout  member of the Methodist Episcopal  church,  and 
          her  unbounded faith in God has been her refuge  during 
          all these years of suffering and sorrow.   She believes  
          with St. Paul "that these great afflictions here, shall 
          work  for  her  a greater and far  more  exceeding  and 
          eternal  weight of glory."  She returned to New York in 
          1893.   Her present (1907) P.O.  is Antwerp,  Jefferson 
          county, N.Y.
          MERRIT C.  GATES:-was born in St. Lawrence county, N.Y. 
          July 27th, 1884, and accompanied his parents to Waupun, 
          Wisconsin in 1855, and to Filmore county, Minnesota, in 
          1862,  enlisted  in  Company  F.  First  Minn.  H.  A., 
          February  8th,  1865;  discharged at Nashville,  Tenn., 
          October 27th,  1865; went to Crawford county, Kansas in 
          1867; found that "it was not good for man to be alone," 
          and induced Miss Lizzie E.  Lydick,  of Filmore county, 
          Minn.  to meet him at Kansas City, Mo., where they were 
          married November 25th,  1869;  went direct to  Crawford 
          county, Kans., took a private claim, built a cabin, and 
          commenced  to  fight  for  a  home.   The  malaria,  so 
          prevalent  in  the  early settlement of  that  country, 
          became too much for him,  and he took the agency of the 
          John P.  Manny reaper and mower, for 2 or 3 counties in 
          South Eastern Kansas; he met with such success that the 
          Company  put  him on a salary,  traveling  over  S.  E. 
          Kansas and S.  W.  Missouri,  with a  team,  appointing 
          agents,   making  settlements,   and  collecting.   The 
          Company  despising  of  this  territory,  sent  him  to 
          Waterloo,   Iowa,  in  1875;  traveled  over  Iowa  and 
          southern  Minnesota  one year,  found the  climate  too 
          cold,  and  returned to Cherokee,  Kansas in 1876,  and 
          engaged  in the hardware and implement  business.   His 
          health failing, he was advised to go farther North, and 
          in 1883 moved to north eastern Kansas, bought a farm in 
          Jackson  county  and  engaged  in  farming  and   stock 
          raising.   Finding he was not able to do the heavy work 
          necessary on a farm,  again took to the road, this time 
          as general collector for the Standard Implement Co., of 
          Kansas  City,  Mo.,  traveling over Kansas and Missouri 
          eight months of the year,  for several years; was twice 
          brought home on a cot,  from nervous  prostration,  and 
          was  forced  to cancel contract with the  Company,  and 
          quit the road;  sold farm and moved to Denison,  Kans., 
          in 1901 and at this writing (Jan. 28th, 1909) is liable 
          to  arrest for vagrancy;  "Having no visible  means  of 
          support."  To them were born four children, as follows: 
          Fred E., Frank M., Dellie J. and Minnie M.

               Fred  E.  Gates,  was  born  in  Cherokee  county, 
               Kansas,  May 25th, 1871; took a business course at 
               Campbell University in 1890 and 1891;  was married 
               to Miss Dora E. Hosack, of Jackson county, Kansas, 
               November  30th,  1899.   To  them  were  born  six 
               children  as follows:   Esther Lucille Gates,  was 
               born September 22nd,  1894, Lawrence Hosack Gates, 
               was born November 12th,1895,  Laura May Gates, was 
               born February 6th,  1897,  Elizabeth Sharp  Gates, 
               was born April 28th,  1899, Margaret Persis Gates, 
               was born November 18th, 1900, Ida Dorine Gates was 
               born  October 17th,  1904.   Their address is P.O. 
               Denison, Kansas.

                    Frank M. Gates:- was born in Cherokee county, 
                    Kansas,  April  11  th,  1873,  graduated  in 
                    Penmanship   and   Pen   Art,   at   Campbell 
                    University,   in   1896-7.    Single.    P.O. 
                    Denison, Kansas.

                    Della J.  Gates:- was born in Waterloo, Iowa, 
                    March 10th, 1875, died September 5th, 1875.

                    Minnie   M.   Gates;- was  born  in  Cherokee 
                    county,  Kansas, March 20th, 1877.  Graduated 
                    in   Physical  Culture  and   Elocution,   at 
                    Campbell  University,  in  1898-99.   Married 
                    Edwin W.  Buffin,  May 23 th,  1900.  To them 
                    were born four children, as follows: Marjorie 
                    Elizabeth  Buffin,  born February  20th,1901; 
                    Merritt  W.  Buffin  born  June  25th,  1903; 
                    Ronald Buffin born July 8th,  1905, died July 
                    15th,  1906;  and  Mildred Lois  Buffin  born 
                    August  21st,  1907.  All resided in Denison, 

     The writer being better acquainted with the subject of  this 
     sketch,  than  any other member of the family,  could -if he 
     would-give  a complete record of his life,  but  not  having 
     such a record of the others,  will not attempt it.   Suffice 
     it  to  say,  he  fully realizes that he possesses  all  the 
     weaknesses  human nature is heir to,  and that his  life  is 
     full  of  mistakes  and  errors,   both  of  commission  and 
     omission;  yet  he is trying-by God's help- to so live  that 
     when the final entry shall be made,  his account will show a 
     balance  on the credit side of the ledger..   He is a member 
     of the Methodist church,  a Past Master of Denison Lodge No. 
     372,  A. F. and A. M., member of the A. O. U. W. Order and a 
     Republican.  P.O. Denison, Kansas.

     With my first real strong desire to possess a record of  the 
     Gates family,  came a determination to make one.  How well I 
     have  succeeded,  I leave each to judge for  themselves.   I 
     fully  realize  that I could have done nothing  without  the 
     hearty  cooperation  of other members of the family,  and  I 
     want to here extend to each and all,  my sincere thanks  for 
     their  help and encouragement,  for when almost discouraged, 
     your  help and words of commendation,  were an incentive  to 
     greater  effort.   My only regret is,  that I have not  been 
     able  to  record  more  of the  personal  history  of  each; 
     something of their hopes and disappointments, their sucesses 
     and  failures:  not from a financial standpoint,  but  those 
     things  that  go  to  make  and  develop  true  manhood  and 
     womanhood.   Every  one  has-or should  have-some  ambition, 
     incentive,  motive or ideal in life,  that will so  dominate 
     and  influence  their actions,  as to be the basis on  which 
     their individual character is made; but while  all have been 
     prompt  in submitting cold blooded facts  and  figures,  all 
     have stopped short of where my greatest interest began.

     I  attribute their failure to write about themselves,  along 
     these lines,  to their extreme modesty, a trait, by the way, 
     I never knew was so strongly developed in the Gates  family, 
     and  myself being the youngest of the brothers and  sisters, 
     the  older ones leaving the home nest to build one of  their 
     own,  before I could remember, and my coming west when quite 
     young,  have  been separated from the most of them all these 
     years,  cannot  in  justice to myself or  them,  supply  the 
     deficiency.   But I am proud to say,  that while no one  has 
     gained great wealth,  or worldy honors,  not one has dropped 
     below the worlds standard for good men, good women, and good 
     citizens,  is  honor enough for me.  I trust that the rising 
     generation,  who will so soon take our place, will profit by 
     our mistakes,  and by adopting higher and better ideals  and 
     motives in life, become better men, and better women than we 
     have been.

     In submitting this record of our family, for your criticism, 
     or approval,  the only reward that I ask for my labors,  is, 
     that  coming  generations will add to it from time to  time, 
     and thus perpetuate our family history, for by so doing they 
     will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their parentage,  and 
     possibly avoid many legal complications.

     Below I submit for your consideration, My Creed:

     Do  not keep the alabaster box of your love  and  tenderness 
     sealed  up  until your friends are dead.   Fill their  lives 
     with sweetness.  Speak approving, cheering words while their 
     ears can hear them,  and while their hearts can be  thrilled 
     and  made happier by them.   The kind things you mean to say 
     when  they are gone,  say before they go.   The flowers  you 
     mean to send for their coffins, send to brighten and sweeten 
     their  homes  before they leave them.   If my  friends  have 
     alabaster  boxes  laid away,  full of fragrant  perfumes  of 
     sympathy and affection,  which they intend to break over  my 
     dead  body.   I would rather they would bring them out in my 
     weary  and  troubled hours,  and open them,  that I  may  be 
     refreshed  and cheered by them while I need them.   I  would 
     rather  have  a plain coffin without  a  flower,  a  funeral 
     without an eulogy, than a life without the sweetness of love 
     and sympathy.  Let us learn to anoint our friends beforehand 
     for  their burial.   Post mortem kindness does not cheer the 
     troubled  spirit.   Flowers on the coffin cast no  fragrance 
     backward over life's weary way.

     Should the above sentiments meet with your approval,  and if 
     from  deep  in your heart,  there should come a  feeling  of 
     gratitude   toward  me  for  my  work,   or  a  feeling   of 
     commendation for this little book, "say so before I die," or 
     forever hold your peace.

     In some respects this work has been a pleasant one;  it  has 
     in some way brought me closer to my kin, and I hereby submit 
     the  result  of our combined efforts,  trusting that it  may 
     draw us all closer together.
                                      Affectionately yours,
                                             MERRIT C. GATES.

     In 1951 Susan Gates Morgan wrote;  " If anyone should wonder 
     why there is more information about some than others, I have 
     only  recorded the information given me.   It wouldn't do to 
     guess  at anyone's politics or religion because if I made  a 
     mistake,  it might be worse than saying nothing about it.  I 
     am  not  a writer so have simply  recorded  the  information 
     given  to  me, hoping it will meet with the approval of  the 
     rest of the family.       

     I heartily adopt Uncle Metts creed which is recorded in  his 

                                       Susan Gates Morgan.

     In  1989 as I copy and edit this record of our family I  too 
     must endorse the creed of MERRITT C. and Susan Gates Morgan.

                         Yours  for  a long  and  happy life.

                                            Delbert C. Gates