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decorative star graphic  The School Years
Psychosocial Development
- An Expanding Social World -

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Theories of School-Age Development

Ψ  Freud: Psychosexual development is in a period of latency.
Ψ  Erickson: The developmental task is resolving the crisis between Industry (master cultural values) vs. Inferiority.
Ψ  Developmentalists are concerned with the acquisition of
        •  new skills (learning theory).
            •  self understanding (cognitive).
                •  social awareness (socialcultural).
Ψ  Epigenetic systems: Responding to genetic mechanisms, the maturing brain & body produce
        •  greater intellectual focus (selective attention).
           •  rationality (concrete operational thought).
              •  physical hardiness (slowed growth & increased strength).
                 •  motor skill.
Ψ  A reality that is universal: Age 6 is the the time for more independence & responsibility.

Understanding Others

Ψ  The emotional development of school-age children depends on advances in social cognition (understanding the social world).

Older children:
        Ψ  understand the motivation behind & the origin of various behaviors.
         Ψ  can analyze the future impact of whatever action a person might take.
          Ψ  recognize personality traits & use them to predict a person's future reactions.

Ψ  They can focus on motives, feelings, & social consequences.

Human Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates
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