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  Early Adulthood:
Biosocial Development
- Violence -

Ψ  Causes of violence:

•  Hormones
•  Male gender socialization
    •  During developmental stage, a male child is learning that to be considered masculine, he must suppress all “non masculine” emotional states.
    •  Men eventually try to adhere to this gender adaptation. Adhering to gender norms are likely to convert  fear & helplessness, etc., into anger.
•  Results: increase of aggressive action

 Young Adult Males;

•  Between ages 15-25: 1 U.S. male in every 100 dies violently.
•  Are at increased risk for any kind of violent death from car crashes, gang shootings, suicide, & homicide

Social Values: The Root of the Problem

 •  Achieving masculinity through ‘manhood rituals’
 •  Society’s turn of positive masculine tendencies to negative male traits
 •  Thought of solving problems with violence.
 •  Driving drunk & letting others drive in the same condition.
 •  One analysis, based on psychological research, finds that aggression is the result of an “explosive combination” of high self-esteem and dashed expectations.
                   Gender doesn't necessarily protect!

    MEN - Death from abusing drugs, could possibly develop abnormal eating habits, & vulnerable to artificially high expectations & lack of self-restraint
    WOMEN - Death from abusing drugs, dieting disorders, & vulnerable to low self-esteem & self-control

Human Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates