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decorative star graphic  Adulthood:
Psychosocial Development
- Employment -

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Ψ  Work continues to be an important source of both stress & status in middle age.

Ψ  One of the improvements that occur over the decades of adulthood is that many adults learn how to coordinate the demands of a partner, children, & an employer. A "balance of life" is more likely reached in middle age.

Ψ  Job security usually increases during middle adulthood, and there is often a shift in the balance among work, family & self.

Ψ ; During early adulthood, the combined demands of the workplace & the individual’s own aspirations for promotion often create “workaholics”.

Ψ  One statistic which shows the job stability typical of middle age is that employees in their early 50s are a third less likely to be actively seeking a new job than employees in their early 30s.

Ψ  Mentor: a guide or teacher who helps an inexperienced person through example, shared activities, or explicit advice. Occurs more often in middle age.

Ψ  During the “establishment” stage of a dual-earner marriage, women and men with children often engage in a scaling back of their employment effort in order to combine work & family. One spouse may choose to work part time. Or, both partners may work full time, one at a “job” to earn money and the other at a lower paying “career”.

Ψ  In another scaling-back strategy, the partners take turns pursuing work, housework & child care.

Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates
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