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Human Growth & Development

  Prenatal Development & Birth
- Key Questions -
- Prenatal Development & Birth -

Human Growth & Development

1. What developments occur during the germinal period?

2. What major developments occur during the period of the embryo?

3. What major developments occur during the period of the fetus?

4. How and when does the fetus respond to the outside world?

5. What are the factors that make a fetus more likely to survive if born at 38 Weeks rather than at 24?

6. What factors determine how likely a fetus is to be harmed by teratogens?

7. What public health measures can prevent cases of rubella and pediatric AIDS?

8. What are some of the effects of drug abuse on the fetus?

9. What can be done to reduce the damage done by a pregnant woman's use of psychoactive drugs?

10. What are the causes & consequences of low birthweight?

11. What is the relationship among the newborn's appearance, the Apgar scale, & health?

12. What are advantages & disadvantages of the intensive-care nursery?

13. How is the formation of the parent-infant bond different in animals & in humans?

14. In your experience how do the preparation for birth, the actual birth process, & the newborns's appearance affect parent's attitudes toward their baby?

Human Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates