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Ψ  Practice Test for
Social Psychology

Note: These questions are part of a larger data base of questions & are selected to represent the type of question you should expect on unit exams .  Exam questions, however, may deal with topics not covered in the practice tests or in lectures but are discussed in your textbook. You are responsible for the content of your text book plus the content of lectures, interactive activities, & material on the web site.

    Use these sample questions to test yourself & to practice for the test. Click on your choice to see if you are right.

1.  Saul admits that he conforms so as to be liked by others. This is known as

•  compliance.
 •  obedience.
  •  informational social influence.
   •  normative social influence.

2.  According to the text, in which of the following has groupthink
been known to occur?

•  presidential elections
 •  the fall of communism
  •  mass suicides by cults
   •  the sinking of the Titanic

It's a Mickey Mouse World , isn't it?

3.  Many businesses now require their employees to work in teams, believing that a group of four to five employees will accomplish more than four to five individuals working alone. This is an example of what concept?

•  social facilitation
 •  social impairment
  •  social loafing
   •  social laziness

4.  Marie was approached by her neighbor asking her to adopt two to three kittens
that where abandoned by their mother. While Maria refused to take three kittens,
she did agree to adopt just one. What compliance technique did her neighbor use
on Maria?

•  foot-in-in-the-door
 •  door-in-the-face
  •  lowball
   •  double-face-in-the-door

5.  Which of the following people would probably not be a prime candidate for
membership in a cult?

•  Lewis, who is mad at the world, especially his parents
 •  Leticia, who is open to new ideas and wants world peace and harmony among people
  •  Lauren, who is under a lot of stress and dissatisfied with her life
   •  Lawrence, who has only a high school diploma but tends to be independent
       and happy with his life

6.  Follow-up studies to Stanley Milgram's research have suggested that a teacher's willingness to deliver potentially lethal shocks may be more a product of__________
than obedience.

•  conformity
 •  compliance
  •  social identity
   •  deindividuation

7.  The public services messages that encourage parents to sit down with their children and talk frankly about drugs are promoting which method of attitude formation?

•  direct contact
 •  direct instruction
  •  vicarious conditioning
   •  observational learning

8.  Researchers have found that a _________ degree of fear in a message makes it more effective, particularly when its combined with __________.

•  maximum: information about how to prevent the fearful consequence
 •  minimum: threats
  •  moderate; threats
   •  moderate; information about how to prevent the fearful consequence

9.  Sandy was a juror in the trial for a man accused of stealing guns from a sporting
goods store. The defendant was not very well spoken and came from a very poor
background, but Sandy listened carefully to the evidence presented and made her
decision based on that. Sandy was using __________ processing.

•  central-route
 •  peripheral-route
  •  cognitive-route
   •  visual-route

10.  Which of the following should LaSonda avoid if she wants to reduce cognitive dissonance?

•  changing her behavior
 •  changing her attitude
  •  forming a completely new attitude
   •  ignoring the conflict altogether

11.  Gerard goes to a job interview dressed in patched blue jeans, a torn T-shirt, and sandals. His hair is uncombed and he hasn't shaved in a few days. Obviously, Gerald knows nothing about

•  cognitive dissonance.
 •  attitude formation.
  •  impression formation.
   •  groupthink.

12.  If behavior is assumed to be caused by external characteristics, this is know as

•  a situational cause.
 •  a dispositional cause.
  •  a fundamental attribution error.
   •  actor-observer bias.

13.  Thomas likes to "hang with the guys." These people with whom Thomas identifies most strongly with are called a(n)

•  reference group.
 •  in-group.
  •  out-group.
   •  "them" group.

14.  The "Robber's Cave" experiment showed the value of __________ in combating prejudice.

•  "jigsaw classrooms"
 •  equal status contact
  •  subordinate goals
   •  stereotyping vulnerability

15.  Vivian and Steve met at work. At first they were just friends, but over time, they
found themselves falling in love - or as Vivian tells her friends, "Steve just grew on me!" According to research in interpersonal attraction, the most likely explanation for their attraction is

•  mere exposure.
 •  personal attractiveness.
  •  fate.
   •  reciprocity of liking.

16.  According to Sternberg, a couple whose love is based off of intimacy and passion
but who are not committed to a long-term relationship are in the form of love called __________ love.

•  companionate
 •  romantic
  •  affectionate
   •  consummate

17.  The concept that aggression results from a social role is based on what
psychological theory?

•  humanistic
 •  learning
  •  psychoanalytical
   •  cognitive

18.  To which two processes do most social psychologists attribute the failure of those around La Sandra Calloway to help her.

•  bystander effect and altruism
 •  aggression and diffusion of responsibility
  •  altruism and diffusion of responsibility
   •  bystander effect and diffusion of responsibility

19.  Cara knows that she can help people simply by dialing 1-1-1 on her cell phone if an emergency arises. Which step in the decision process for helping would Cara be at?

•  noticing
 •  taking action
  •  taking responsibility
   •  planning a course of action

20.  Which of the following would the field of social neuroscience be most likely to study?

•  what parts of the brain influence social behavior
 •  how influential is heredity on social behavior
  •  what impact does head trauma play on developing relationships
   •  what impact do friends have in resolving conflicts

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