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Ψ  Emotion
Universal Facial


    Many facial expressions are universal,
though most may be shaped by cultural usages & rules.

        It is widely supported within the scientific community that there are seven basic emotions, each with their own unique and distinctive facial expressions. These seven emotions are:

Happiness - Sadness - Fear - Disgust - Anger - Contempt - Surprise


Summary of Facial Expressions

        Nose: nostril flare (arousal).
        Lips: grin (happiness, affiliation, contentment); grimace (fear); lip-compression (anger, emotion, frustration); canine snarl (disgust); lip-pout (sadness, submission, uncertainty); lip-purse (disagree); sneer (contempt).
        Brows: frown (anger, sadness, concentration); brow-raise (intensity).
        Tongue: tongue-show (dislike, disagree).
        Eyelids: flashbulb eyes (surprise); widened (excitement, surprise); narrowed (threat, disagreement); fast-blink (arousal); normal-blink (relaxed).
        Eyes: big pupils (arousal, fight-or-flight); small pupils (rest-and-digest); direct-gaze (affiliate, threaten); gaze cut-off (dislike, disagree); gaze-down (submission, deception).

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates