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Ψ  Health, Stress, & Coping
- Personality & Social Factors -

Personality & Social Factors involved in Stress

     Note A combination of three personality traits; control, commitment, & challenge protect or buffer us from stress, this combination of traits is referred to as hardiness.

     Note The belief that you are in control of your life is called an internal locus of control.

     Note The belief that your life is controlled mostly by chance & luck is called an external locus of control.

     Note Optimism is better for you than pessimism.

     Note Type A behavior - hostile/angry - is bad for your heart.

     Note Social support in coping with stress refers to having a network of family or friends who provide strong social attachments, being able to exchange helpful resources within the network, & feeling that you have supportive relationships or behaviors. Loneliness is bad for you.

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates