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Ψ  Social Psychology
- Social & Group Influences -

         Conformity refers to any behaviors you perform because of group pressure, even though that pressure might not involve direct requests.

          Hazing is part of a group’s initiation ritual, during which individuals are subjected to a variety of behaviors that range from: humiliating & unpleasant to potentially dangerous both physically & psychologically.

          Compliance is a kind of conformity in which we give in to social pressure in our public responses but do not change our private beliefs

          Obedience refers to performing some behavior in response to an order given by someone in a position of power or authority.

          Prosocial Behavior also called helping, is any behavior that benefits others or has positive social consequences.

          Altruism is a form of helping or doing something, often at a cost or risk, for reasons other than the expectation of a material or social reward.

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates