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Ψ Brain's Building Blocks
- Reflex Responses -

Ψ  Reflex: An involuntary response to a stimulus.

Ψ  Reflexes are fast because they are genetically programmed & involve relativity few neural connections. A reflex does not require thinking, in fact reflexes are routed through the spinal cord for action, the brain is only notified of the pain after the reaction to it has occurred.

Ψ  Steps in a reflex:
  1. Sensors detect the pain (alarm).
  2. Afferent [a.k.a. sensory] neurons carry the alarm from the senses to the CNS.
  3. Interneurons make the neural connections necessary to communicate.
  4. Efferent [a.k.a. motor] neurons carry commands from the CNS back to the muscles & organs.

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates