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Stages of sleep:

Alpha stage - Alpha waves - relaxed & drowsy
         Non-REM sleep:
            Stage 1 sleep, Theta waves
                Stage 2, Sleep spindles
                    Stage 3 sleep, Delta waves
                         Stage 4 sleep, Delta wave - deepest sleep
                             REM sleep

   Sequence of sleep stages: 123432 - Rem - 23432 - REM - 232- Rem - 2 - REM - 2 - REM - 1

Characteristics of REM (paradoxical) sleep:

New REM behavior disorder - physical acting out. REM normally stops muscle activity.
New REM: Behavioral or physiological effects are not a problem if REM is disturbed.
New REM rebound - more REM sleep is required if missed, this suggests a need for REM sleep & one such need involves memory (REM required).

    When you are awake & alert, brain activity is much like REM beta wave activity.

    There are morning persons & evening persons, almost all older people even if they where evening persons become morning persons. Play to your strengths!

You need less sleep as you get older.

infancy - 17 hours a day for newborns
childhood - to 10 hours a day for 4 year olds.
adolescence - almost 10 hours
adulthood - 7 to 8
Old age - 6.5

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates