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decorative star graphic  The School Years
Biosocial Development
- Learning Disabilities -

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Ψ  A child with special needs: A child for whom learning new skills & developing friendships are hampered by a psychological or physical disorder.

Ψ  Learning Disabilities

  • Mental retardation - slow learning in all, or almost all, intellectual abilities. The degree of retardation is usually measured by an intelligence test . In young children, mental retardation ( IQ of 70 or below )is often called pervasive developmental delay to allow for the possibility that the child will catch up to normal, age-appropriate development .


  • Learning disability - difficult in mastering a specific cognitive skill that is not attributable to intellectual slowness, obvious impairment of the senses, lack of education, or family dysfunction


  • Dyslexia - a specific learning disability involving unusual difficulty with reading; This is the most commonly diagnosed learning disability.


  • Dyscalcula - a specific learning disability involving unusual difficult with math; usually becomes apparent by age 8.

Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates
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