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decorative star graphic  The School Years:
Cognitive Development
- Stages of Thinking -

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Ψ  Concrete Operational Thought (Piaget's stage 3) is obtained by middle childhood. Children can reason logically about the things & events they perceive.
Ψ  Notable reorganization of the thinking process that occurs between the ages of 5 & 7 enables the school-age child to reason & respond at a much more advanced level than the younger child. Referred to as the 5-to-7 shift. Intellectual development occurs in stages, with sudden & widespread shifts taking places as certain ideas become understood. Jean Piaget is one of the most famous stage theorists.

        Logical Principles

      Classification:  the logical principle that things can be organized into groups (or categories or classes) according to some characteristic they have in common.
      Identity:  the logical principle that certain characteristics of an object remain the same when other characteristics are changed.
      Reversibility:  the logical principle that something has been changed can be returned to its original state by reversing the process of change.
      Reciprocity (a. k. a. inversion):  the logical principle that occurs when two things change in opposite ways in order to balance each other out.

      Note: a tadpole can become a frog (identity), steam from boiling water can become water again (reversibility), being kind to a classmate might reduce a classmate's aggression (reciprocity).

It's a Mickey Mouse World , isn't it?

Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates
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