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  Early Adulthood:
Biosocial Development
- Drug Abuse -

•  Drug addiction - a condition of drug dependence such that the absence of the given drug in the individual’s system produces a drive - physiological, psychological, or both- to ingest more of the drug.
•  Drug Abuse - using a drug in a quantity or a manner that is harmful to physical, cognitive, or psychosocial well-being.

Ψ   Use vs. Abuse:
 Ψ  One time or occasional use can constitute abuse not because of quantity or frequency but because of consequences.

•  Drug Use before age 18 often becomes abusive & can sometimes become addictive between ages 19 and 23.
•  Drug Use in the early 20’s is a time of heavy drinking & high marijuana consumption.
•  Drug Use peaks at age 23 with the greatest use of cocaine & other drugs.

Ψ   Drug Use - Causes of high rates of use follow.

•  Genetic temperament - attraction to excitement, intolerance of frustration & vulnerability to depression

•  Group activities - parties, concerts, spectator sports

•  Life style - stress & personal attitudes

•  Life style - Having friends who use drugs!

Human Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates