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Ψ  Theories Of Development
- Sociocultural Theory -

Ψ  An emergent theory which holds that human development results from the dynamic interaction between developing person & the surrounding culture, primarily as expressed by the parents & teachers who transmit it.

Guided Participation (Vygotsky)

Ψ  A learning process in which an individual learns through social interaction with a "tutor" ( a parent, a teacher, a more skilled person ) who offers assistance, structures opportunities, models strategies, and provides explicit instruction as needed.

Guided Participation restated

Ψ  Mentors guide learners through the zone of proximal development. Both learner and society develop as a result of this collaboration. Societies and cultures change when individuals choose which knowledge to past on.

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  note  The Ecological model, the major proponent of which is Urie Bronfenbrenner, seeks to explain individual knowledge, development, & competencies in terms of the guidance, support, & structure provided by society & to explain social change over time in terms of the cumulative effect of individual choices. It is a sociocultural theory.

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Growth & Development
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