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Ψ  Theories Of Development
- Epigenetic Systems Theory -

Ψ  Epigenetic Systems Theory: An emergent theory that emphasizes the genetic origins of behavior but also stresses that genes, over time, are directly and systematically affected by many environmental factors.

Selective Adaptation

Ψ  An aspect of evolution in which, over generations, genes for
the traits that are most useful will become more frequent, within individuals, making the survival of the species more likely. Epigenetic theory builds on Ethnology which is the study of behavior as it relates to the evolution & survival of a species.

It's a Mickey Mouse World , isn't it?


Ψ  The critical aspect of a system, is that change in one part of the system causes corresponding adjustments & changes in every other part. An individual is an epigenetic system whose genes form the foundation of that system (Goldsmith et al., 1997).

Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates