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Ψ  Theories Of Development
- Introductory Notes -

Developmental Theory

Ψ  A systematic set of principles & generalizations that explain development, generate hypotheses, & provide a frame work for future research.

Grand Theories

Ψ  Comprehensive theories that inspired & directed thinking about development for decades but no longer seem adequate.

New  Psychoanalytic ( Freud / Erikson )
 New  Learning ( Watson / Skinner )
  New  Cognitive ( Piaget )

It's a Mickey Mouse World , isn't it?

•  Mini theories explain some specific area of development.

Emergent / Newer Theories

•  Sociocultural (Vygotsky)    
•  Humanism - Abraham Maslow (1908-1970), Carl Rogers (1902-1987) - Stresses the potential of humans for good, that all people have the same needs and emphasizes what people have in common.
•  Evolutionary Theory - Based on Darwin’s ideas which are very controversial in psychological circles, notes that humans are more alike than different, that human development is influenced by drives to survive and reproduce. Stresses selective adaptation a process by which people adapt to their environment
•  The Epigenetic psychobiological systems perspective is an emergent theory that views development as a product of interaction between biological and environmental forces. It includes both the genetic origins of behavior and the direct influence of the environment on the expression of these genes.

Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates