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Ψ  Theories Of Development
- Key Questions -

1. What function does a good theory perform?

2. What is the major assumption of psychoanalytic theory?

3. What are the key differences between Freud & Erikson?

4. What is the major focus of learning theory?

5. How are stimulus & response related in classical conditioning? In operant conditioning?

6. According to Piaget, how do periods of disequilibrium lead to mental growth?

7. According to sociocultural theory, what is the relationship between the individual & the culture?

8. Describe guided participation, using an example.

9. According to epigenetic systems theorists, how can genetic instructions change?

10. What is the ethological view of behavior? How does it relate to epigenetic systems theory?

11. What are the main differences among the grand theories & between the two emergent theories?

12. In your experience does the behavior of children at about age 4 or 5 appear to be more the result of nature or nurture? Why?

Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates
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