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Ψ  Theories Of Development
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The Five Theories (a quick review):

    Psychoanalytic theory - unconscious processes - Freud / Erikson
       Psychoanalytic theory has made us aware of the importance of early childhood experience.

    Learning theory (Behaviorism) - environment - Watson / Skinner
       Behaviorism has shown the effect that the immediate environment can have on learning, step by step.

    Cognitive theory - intellect - Piaget
       Cognitive theory has brought a greater understanding of how intellectual processes & thinking affect actions.

    Sociocultural theory - culture - Vygotsky
       Sociocultural theory has reminded us that development is embedded in a rich & multifaceted cultural context.

    Epigenetic systems theory - genes
       Epigenetic theory emphasizes the interaction between inherited forces & immediate contexts.


    Psychoanalytic theory - too subjective.

       Learning theory - too mechanistic.

          Cognitive theory - undervalues genetic differences.

             Sociocultural theory - neglects individuals.

                Epigenetic systems theory - neglects society


Ψ  Take an eclectic perspective, selectively incorporating ideas & generating hypothesis from all the theories of development when analyzing behavior.

Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates
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