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Human Growth & Development

  Heredity & Environment
- Key Questions-

Human Growth & Development

1. How is genetic diversity among people ensured, & why is this diversity useful?

2. In what ways does genetics affect fertility & infertility?

3. What is the difference between phenotype & genotype?

4. What are the differences between the additive pattern of gene-gene interaction & the dominant-recessive pattern?

5. Why is the expression of a recessive X-linked gene affected by whether a male or female inherits it?

6. What research strategies are used to separate genetic influences on psychological characteristics from environmental influences?

7. How can environment influence genetic psychological traits, such as shyness?

8. Which are more serious & which are more common dominant genetic disorders or recessive genetic disorders?

9. What factors determine whether a couple is at risk for having a child with genetic abnormalities?

10. How can genetic counseling help parents who are at risk for having a child with genetic problems?

11. In your experience what would you do if you knew you were the carrier of a gene for a serious disease?

Human Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates