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Ψ  Cognitive Development
- Notes on Perception -


   Ψ  Universal (general) principles of infant perception:

     •  Infants have dynamic perception - perception primed to focus on movement & change.
     •  The second universal principle of infant perception is that infants have a fascination with people (people preference).

It's a Mickey Mouse World , isn't it?

   Ψ  One of the most important cognitive accomplishments of infancy is the ability to understand that objects & people exist independently of one's perception of them even when hidden from sight. (object permanence)

   Ψ  One way to test for awareness of object performance is to use dynamic perception - specifically to asses whether an infant will search for an object that is hidden in their presence.

   Ψ  Renee Baillargeon did extensive experimentation on object permanence which proved that infants understand this concept months before they demonstrate it on Piaget's hidden object task.

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Robert C. Gates