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 Cognitive Development
- Memory -

Memory - 3 Key Elements of Cognitive Growth

     The key elements are categorize, remember, & understanding cause & effect.

1. Categorize - Putting things in categories - e.g. soft, hard, flat, round, rigid, & flexible

2. Remember

    Ψ  Memory Span is improved when reminder sessions are used. A reminder session is a perceptual experience that helps a person recollect an idea or experience without testing whether the person remembers it  at the moment.
    Ψ  Memory is facilitated by repetition, reminders, & active involvement.
    Ψ  Infantile amnesia (Freud's term) - poor long term memory - In order for ideas or memories to become conscious, it is necessary that they be associated with a language. We cannot consciously remember infantile experiences that occurred before language development began.
    Ψ  Deferred imitation is the ability to remember & imitate witnessed behaviors, this occurs near the end of the 1st year.

3. Understanding Cause & Effect

    Launching events are used to test cause & effect understanding. A launching event is something that seems to start or trigger a particular happening.

Growth & Development
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