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decorative star graphic  The Play Years:
Biosocial Development
- Child Maltreatment - intervention -

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   Ψ  Differential Response - The idea that child-maltreatment reports should be separated into those that require immediate investigation, possibly leading to foster care and legal prosecution, and those that require supportive measures to encourage better parental care.

   Ψ  Permanency Planning - The process of finding a long-term solution to the care of a child who has been abused. The plan may involve adoption, return to restored family, or long-term foster care.

   Ψ  Foster Care - A legally sanctioned, publicly supported arrangement in which children are cared for by someone other than the biological parents.

   Ψ  Kinship Care - A form of foster care in which a relative of a maltreated child takes over from the abusive or neglectful parents.

   Ψ  Adoption - The final option.

Human Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates
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