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decorative star graphic  The Play Years:
Biosocial Development
- Child Maltreatment - Prevention -

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Ψ  Primary prevention is designed to prevent maltreatment from ever occurring. Involves:

•  Stable residents of a neighborhood
 •  Home ownership (not renting)
  •  Support of churches or community centers
   •  Two-parent families with children who were planned for & desired
    •  Communities that cherish young people
     •  High income

Ψ  Secondary prevention is designed to prevent serious problems by detecting early signs that indicate the potential for maltreatment. Involves:

•  Home visiting
 •  Education for teen parents
  •  Crisis hotlines
   •  Respite care
    •  Drop in child care
     •  Education to help people recognize signs of maltreatment

Ψ  Three unwanted by-products of secondary prevention:

      1. Stigmatizing certain families as inadequate
        2. Undermining family or cultural patterns
          3. Creating a sense of helplessness

Ψ  Tertiary prevention is designed to stop maltreatment once it occurs, & to treat the victim & the family. Involves:

•  Removal of the child from home & placement in alternative care.
 •  Counseling for parents & child.

Human Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates
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