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Ψ  Operant & Cognitive Approaches
- More Concepts -

   •  Generalization

    Ψ  occurs when an animal or a person emits the same response to similar stimuli.

    Ψ  is the tendency for a stimulus similar to the original conditioned stimulus to elicit a response similar to the conditioned response.

      •  Discrimination

    Ψ  occurs during classical conditioning when an organism learns to make a particular response to some stimuli but not to others.

         •  Extinction

    Ψ  refers to a procedure in which a conditioned stimulus is repeatedly presented without the unconditioned stimulus.

    Ψ  occurs when the conditioned stimulus tends to no longer elicit the conditioned response.

            •  Spontaneous Recovery

    Ψ  is the tendency for the conditioned response to reappear after being extinguished, even though there have been no further conditioning trials.

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates