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Ψ  Remembering & Forgetting
- Mnemonics -

     Mnemonics are structured ways to help people remember & recall information.

     First Letter Mnemonics & Acronyms use the first letter of each word or phrase to be remembered to make a meaningful word or phrase. Each letter of the phrase then stands for one feature of the to-be-recalled information.

     Method of loci - the learner associates parts of the to-be-recalled material with different places (usually, rooms in a familiar building or sites along an often traveled road) in the order that they are to be recalled. It is helpful to have the learner imagine the to-be-recalled material to be interacting with features of the specific locations along their journey. During recall, the learner takes an imaginary walk through the building or down the road and retrieves the different memorial items.

     Peg method: An encoding technique that creates associations between word-number rhymes & items to be memorized.

     Note: Improving memory requires making the effort to use good associations, such as the elaborative rehearsal, which means creating good associations that in turn, produce good retrieval cues and improve memory.

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates