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Ψ  Motivation
- Achievement -


    Achievement: level of attainment or proficiency in relation to a standard measure of performance, or of success in bringing about a desired end.

    The need for achievement can be measured using tests such as the
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) as well as more objective paper & pencil tests.

Ψ  Three components that interact to produce a level of success:

         Need for achievement - force that drives an individual to improve, succeed, or excel in things considered both difficult and important.
         Fear of failure - causes the choosing of the easy path.
         Psychological Factors such as self-concept, self-esteem and self-confidence.

    According to David C. McClelland's research, achievement-motivated people have certain characteristics in common, including;
  • the capacity to set high ('stretching') personal but obtainable goals,
  • the concern for personal achievement rather than the rewards of success, and
  • the desire for job-relevant feedback (how well am I doing?) rather than for attitudinal feedback (how well do you like me?.

Cognitive factors in motivation:

    Intrinsic motivation - Intrinsic means innate or within; hence intrinsic motivation is the stimulation or drive stemming from within oneself. In relation to learning, one is compelled to learn by a motive to understand, originating from one's own curiosity. Intrinsic motivation is often associated with intrinsic rewards because the natural rewards of a task are the motivating forces that encourage an individual in the first place. This is the better motivator !!!!!!!
    Extrinsic motivation is encouragement from an outside force; behavior is performed based on the expectance of an outside reward, such as money or praise. It can be delightful when the reward is unexpected.

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates

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