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Ψ  Suicide
- Adolescence & Adulthood -

Ψ  Adolescents think about suicide often - a sign that depression is prevalent during these years. Among adolescents & young adults (ages 15 - 24), the suicide rate is 10.4 per 100.000 making it the third leading cause of death.

    Suicidal Ideation: Thinking about suicide, usually with some serious emotional & intellectual overtones.

    Parasuicide: A deliberate act of self-destruction that does not end in death. Parasuicide can be fleeting, such as a small knife mark on the wrist, or potentially lethal, such as swallowing an entire bottle of pills. Usually carried out in a state of extreme emotional agitation & confusion.

Ψ  A number of factors have been found to be related to adolescent suicide. Adolescents may have psychological problems such as depression, drug related problems, or feeling of helplessness. They may show behavioral symptoms , such as antisocial behavior, social isolation & withdrawal, and difficulties with family & peers.

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Ψ  Usually suicide is preceded by events or feelings ( precipitators ) that may include problems with relationships, bouts of depression, or drinking ( drug usage ).

Ψ  Among the risk factors for suicide (13 per 100,000) in the old are depression & loneliness, but  the major cause factor is health ( medical ).

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Robert C. Gates