Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. -- Boswell.


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Ψ  Psychology & Science
- Correlation -

      A correlation is an association / relationship between the occurrence of two or more events, a correlation coefficient is a signed number signifying the strength & direction of that relationship.

       Perfect positive correlation coefficient (+1.00) (always)
        Positive correlation coefficient (+0.01 to +0.99) (sometimes happens)
         Zero correlation (0.00) (events happen at random)
        Negative correlation coefficient (-0.01 to -0.99) (sometimes)
       Perfect negative correlation coefficient (-1.00) (Never)
      Correlations are positive if  the occurrence of the events in each domain increase together.
      Correlations are negative if  the occurrence of the events in one domain increases as the occurrence of events in the other domain decreases.

Correlation is not causation! it is a clue that can be used to predict.

General Psychology
Robert C. Gates