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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

From lowest to highest:

Ψ         Physiological (biological) needs - This includes things such as food, water, and oxygen. This need is one of the strongest motivators. This need has two unique features: 1) it can be completely or overly satisfied, and 2) it is a reoccurring need.
          Safety needs - Stability, dependency, physical security, and freedom from illness, anxiety, and danger are just a few things we seek. The need for law and order also falls under the heading of safety.

          Love & belongingness needs - The need for love, friendship, a mate, a family, and the need to belong to a club, nation, or neighborhood mark this level.

It's a Mickey Mouse World , isn't it?

          Esteem needs - Maslow defined two levels of esteem needs -- self-esteem & reputation. Self-esteem is a person's own feelings of worth and confidence, whereas reputation is based on recognition and prestige that is reflective of other people's opinion. Most people desire to be confident in their own eyes rather than in other's.
          Self-actualization - the process of establishing oneself as a whole person, able to develop one's abilities and to understand oneself.

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