Social Psychology


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  Doing Together What We Would Never Do Alone

     Ψ  Deindividuation refers to the phenomenon of relinquishing one's sense of identity. This can happen as a result of becoming part of a group.
     •  Deindividuation involves a loss of self-awareness & evaluation apprehension.
      • Deindividuation occurs in group situations that foster responsiveness to group norms (good or bad).

     Ψ  The amount of unrestrained behavior exhibited by people is directly proportional to the size of the group they are in.

     Ψ  Anonymity lessens inhibitions & contributes to deindividuation. You can become "lost in the crowd" physically & virtually.

     Ψ  Consider:

     •  Social facilitation increases group arousal.
      •  Social loafing in groups cause a diffusion of individual responsibility .
       •  Arousal + diffused responsibility = diminishment of normal inhibitions.
        •  Add anonymity
         •  Add distracting activities to the mix to further arouse & divert people's attention.
          •  result: deindividuation & unrestrained behavior.

    New  Be self-aware; maintain your personal identity; don't become deindividuated!

     Ψ  Self awareness is the opposite of deindividuation!.

Social Psychology
  Robert C. Gates