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Self Test  Self Test for
Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Ψ  Note: These questions are part of a larger data base of questions on modules 29. The questions are selected to represent the type of question you should expect on unit exam three. You can, in fact, expect to see many of these very same questions on that exam. Exam questions, however, may deal with topics not covered in the self tests or in lectures but are discussed in your textbook. You are responsible for the content of your text book plus the content of lectures, interactive activities, & material on the web site.

    Use these sample questions to test yourself & to practice for the test. Click on your choice to see if you are right.

1. Which of the following is not one of the four Cs of peacemaking?

•  contact
 •  correction
  •  conciliation
   •  communication

2. The GRIT model can be applied to the reduction of conflict between

a groups
b nations.
c individuals.
d all of the above.

3. GRIT advises negotiators to be

a poker-faced & stoic.
b firm, fair, & friendly.
c strong-willed & sober.
d soft, smiling, & sympathetic.

4. GRIT strategy is an alternative that best fits into the _____ category of the “four Cs of peacemaking.”

a contact
b conciliation
c cooperation
d consideration
e communication

5. Which of the following occurs when conflicted parties seek an agreement through direct negotiation?

a Mediation
b Arbitration
c Bargaining
d Amelioration

6. Teaching technique that suggests forming academically & racially diverse groups, with each member of the group becoming an expert in one area.

a puzzle
b jigsaw
c interacting
d interlocking

7. This occurs when a neutral third party attempts to facilitate communication and offer suggestions for how to resolve a conflict.

a Mediation
b Arbitration
c Bargaining
d Amelioration

8. When a neutral third party studies the conflict & imposes a settlement, ______ has occurred.

a mediation
b arbitration
c bargaining
d amelioration

9. Mediators seek to establish _______ agreements that reconcile both parties’ interests to their mutual benefit.

a zero-sum
b arbitrated
c integrative
d mirror-image

10. Through the use of _______ goals enemies can be made into friends.

•  contact
 •  bargaining
  •  conciliation
   •  superordinate

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Robert C. Gates
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